Romeo & Juliet Timeline

  • Sampson bites his thumb at Montaque servant

    Sampson bites his thumb at Montaque servant
    Samspon a guy from the Capulet family bite his thumb towards a guy in the Montaque kingdom
  • Prince stops fight

    Prince stops fight
    The Prince sees Sampson and Abraham fighting and then he threatens them. The threat he gives them is death.
  • Romeo Gets Rejected

    Romeo Gets Rejected
    Romeo gets rejected by Rosaline. She says that she does not want to get married. Romeo goes depressed.
  • Capulet Servant Asks Romeo for assistance

    Capulet Servant Asks Romeo for assistance
    A capulet servent gets Romeo to read a guest list because he cannot read. The servant is unaware that Romeo is a Montaque and let's him in on knowing about the party. On the guest list Rosaline is on their. Benvolio thinks Romeo should go crash the party to meet new ladies to get over Rosaline. Romeo decides to go to the party to see Rosaline.
  • Marriage Talk

    Marriage Talk
    Lady Capulet & Nurse dicuss how Juliet feels about marriage. Juliet states she isn't ready for a marriage.
  • Lady Capulet tells Juliet to go to Party

    Lady Capulet tells Juliet to go to Party
    Lady Capulet wants Juliet to go to the party to meet Paris. Juliet agrees to go.
  • Tybalt Spots Romeo at Party

    Tybalt Spots Romeo at Party
    Tybalt sees Romeo at party and wants to fight him.
    "Uncle, this is a Montaque our foe, a Villian that is hither come in spile to scorn at our solemnity this night"
  • Romeo & Juliet Meet

    Romeo & Juliet Meet
    Juliet and Romeo meet, and within the first minute they kiss.
  • Learning Eachother's Idendities

    Learning Eachother's Idendities
    Nurse tells Romeo and Juliet eachothers true identities.
  • Offically over Rosaline

    Offically over Rosaline
    Romeo gets over Rosaline, and sneaks to the Capulet garden. Then he talks to Juliet from the balcony of her room.
    "The exchange of thy's love faithful vow for mine" Soon after they decided to get married in the morning.
  • Romeo Talks to Friar

    Romeo Talks to Friar
    Romeo speaks to the Friar about married. The Friar also learns that he isn't planning on getting married to Rosaline. Knowing that Romeo choses someone else to marry he tells Romeo to slow down a bit.
    "Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear, so soon forsaken.
  • Letter Arrives

    Letter Arrives
    A letter from Tybalt arrives at Romeo's house. Romeo not being home does not get the letter that Tybalt wants to fight him.
  • Nurse Chats With Romeo

    Nurse Chats With Romeo
    She tells Romeo how Juliet's plan is to tell her parents she is going to "confession' when they will actually be getting married. Also, Romeo gives the Nurse a rope to let him climb up the balcony later in the play.
  • Marriage

    Romeo and Juliet get married!
  • Mercutio and Tybalt Meet in Street

    Mercutio and Tybalt Meet in Street
    Tybalt and Mercutio are both in the street. Soon they are fighting. Romeo tries getting them to stop, instead Tybalt goes under Romep's armpit and kills Mercutio. Romeo very upset out of revenge kills his cousin Tybalt. Romeo realizing what he has done flees the area and hids with the Friar. Once Benvolio explains to the Prince what happened, he exiles Romeo from the town.
  • Juliet Hears News

    Juliet Hears News
    Juliet hears the news of deaths, and is worried that her newly wed husband is dead. She at first is upset with him killing her cousin but then realizes that is her husband now she shouldn't be upset with him,
  • Friar Gives Advice

    Friar Gives Advice
    Romeo is a wreck after killing his wife's cousin. He begs the Friar for advice. He claims he would rather be dead then have to be exiled and taken away from Juliet. Friar gives Romeo some advice.
  • Lord Capulet Plans a Wedding

    Lord Capulet Plans a Wedding
    Thinking Juliet is upset because of Tybalts death, Lord Capulet plans a wedding thinking that would cheer Juliet and the rest of the family up. Little does he know that upsets Juliet because she is already married! Paris and Juliet are planned to get married on Thursday.
  • Final Goodbyes

    Final Goodbyes
    Monday night comes to an end. Romeo and Juliet have to say their goodbye's since the morning bird is chirping. Romeo has to go to another town to stay since he is exiled.
  • Friar has a Plan

    Friar has a Plan
    Juliet is very worried about her father planning a wedding. First off she is already married second, she doesn't like Paris. She asks Friar for a plan. The plan is pretty mischevious.
    1. Go home, tell her family she is marrying Paris.
    2.Be alone & drink potion which will make her appear dead for 42 hours.
    3.Then her family will put Juliet in the family Vault
    4. Romeo will wait for Juliet in the vault.
    Also, the Friar will send a letter to Romeo to get him in on the plan
  • Dad Gets too Excited

    Dad Gets too Excited
    Juliet starts with the first step of her plan, the problem is that her father is so excited that she finally will accept the fact that she is marrying Paris. Lord Capulet decides to switch the date of the wedding to Wednesday. Which causes a problem because now the timing is all messed up. Juliet trying to keep the plan moving decides to drink the potion.
  • Juliet is Dead?

    Juliet is Dead?
    Her family waking up getting ready for the wedding today, goes into the brides room and Juliet is dead in her bed. Everyone panics and starts mourning immediately. Soon Juliet is moved to the Vault
  • "Bad News" gets to Romeo

    "Bad News" gets to Romeo
    Romeo's servant Balthasar goes to Romeo and informs him on Juliet's death. The plan being badly timed is not good, Romeo never got the Friars letter and he believes Juliet is actually dead. Romeo finds an Apothecary and buys poison.
  • Meeting Up in the Vault

    Meeting Up in the Vault
    Paris who is mourning and putting flowers on Juliet's grave in her vault is greeted by the depressed Romeo. Paris thinking that Romeo is there to do more revenge on the family because he killed Tybalt, Paris decides to fight Romeo. Romeo ends up killing Paris. Soon after Romeo drinks the poison and dies instantly.
  • Juliet awakens

    Juliet awakens
    Juliet awakens in the vault. She looks around hoping to have her lover Romeo standing there or something. She sees Paris slain on the ground and her husband Romeo with a bottle in his hand laying dead. The Friar says she must leave with him, she refuses.
  • Juliet kills herself

    Juliet kills herself
    Juliet, who is freaking out over her love's suicide tries to kiss the poison off his lips, soon realizes that isn't going to work. Juliet pulls out her dagger and kills herself on top of Romeo. Soon after the two families come inside the vault. They are very confused on what just happened.
  • Family Comes to a Truce

    Family Comes to a Truce
    The Friar tells both of the families the secrets their kids have been hiding from them. They thought that the Friar killed them. Instead the Friar proved that the families hate for eachother killed their kids. The families decide to make statues of eachother's kids and to try to get along for now on.