The story of a great sport.

  • 500

    The ancient begining 2500 B.C

    The ancient begining 2500 B.C
    Soccer is defined as sport that uses feet in order to play the game. Some people say that this form of game has been played ever since in China. People claim that Chinese people utilized the heads of their enemies as a ball. But this is still an unclear assumption. Chinese historians say that soccer started in China during the period of 2600 B.C. The game was played as a form of celebration of the birthday of China's emperor during the Hun Dynasty.
  • Jan 10, 600

    The first ball.

    The first ball.
    Mexico & Central America, the creation of the rubber ball was in Mexico & Central America. These people played games on a recessed court shaped like a capital "I". The court was 40-50 feet long with vertical walls several feet high. In the middle of each wall, was a mounted stone or wooden ring and the object was to project the hard rubber ball through the ring.
  • Jan 10, 1100

    No rules

    No rules
    England, by the 12th Century, the game had become a violent mob sport with no rules and any sort of behavior was condoned
  • Jan 10, 1300

    No more

    No more
    England, King Edward II orders citizens to stop playing football.
  • Jan 11, 1580

    A new set of rules

    A new set of rules
    Italy, Giovanni Bardi publishes a set of rules of the game of "calcio".
  • Soccer on ice?

    Soccer on ice?
    Alaska & Canada, the native Eskimos played aqsaqtuk or soccer on ice. Balls were stuffed with grass, caribou hair, and moss. One legend tells of 2 villages playing against each other with goals 10 miles apart.
  • A new begining

    A new begining
    England, football became legal again and by the end of the 17th century it was the country's most popular sport.
  • Royal patronage

    Royal patronage
    England, football wins royal patronage from King Charles ll.
  • Expansion

    USA, Football was played among the Northeastern universities and colleges of Harvard, Princeton, Amherst and Brown.
  • The start

    The start
    England, the modern form of soccer originated. The sport grew among working-class communities and was seen as a way of keeping young and energetic kids out of trouble at home and in the school; they could let off steam and learn the values of teamwork.
  • A new set of rules

    A new set of rules
    England, the first Cambridge Rules are drawn up.
  • first soccer teamoutside england

    first soccer teamoutside england
    USA, Oneida Football Club; formed in Boston in 1862, was the first soccer club anywhere outside of England.
  • England association formed

    England association formed
    England, The Football Association is founded
  • First international match

    First international match
    First international football match played between England and Scotland.
  • Uniform code

    Uniform code
    The four British associations agree on a uniform code and form the International Football Association Board.
  • usa vs canada

    usa vs canada
    USA, USA versus Canada, first international match played between teams outside of Great Britain.
  • The introduction of professionalism

    The introduction of professionalism
    The introduction of professionalism.
  • Getting everything started

    Getting everything started
    The Football Association starts training match officials. First meeting of the International Football Association Board.
  • "youihave the power"

    "youihave the power"
    The league system is inaugurated - professional footballers are allowed. Referees are given extensive powers of control
  • Introduction of the penalty kick.

    Introduction of the penalty kick.
    Introduction of the penalty kick.
  • Visiting england

    Visiting england
    The Football Association sends its first representative team abroad. A German team visits England
  • Fifa

    Delegates from France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland established FIFA at a meeting in Paris on the 21st of May. The International Board, the authority over the rules and their interpretation continued under the jurisdiction of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, even though they were not affiliated with FIFA
  • Olympic games and soccer

    Olympic games and soccer
    The Olympic Games of 1904 in St. Louis included soccer as an official Olympic sport where club teams competed under the national team banner. FIFA did not become active in Olympic soccer until 1908.
  • Football becomes an Olympic event

    Football becomes an Olympic event
    Football becomes an Olympic event
  • First world cup

    First  world cup
    First World Cup with 13 teams in Uruguay
  • Contreversy

    At the 10th Olympiad in Los Angeles, soccer was eliminated due to a controversy between FIFA and the IOC over the definition of amateur and the reluctance of most of the strong soccer countries to travel to California because of the expense involved
  • Fifa televised

    Fifa televised
    First live worldwide TV coverage of the World Cup.
  • Pele's retirement

    Pele's retirement
    Pelé retired from international competition after Brazil tied Yugoslavia 2-2 before 150,000 people at the Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium
  • Womans first fifa tournament

    Womans first fifa tournament
    First FIFA World Championship for Women's Football in China won by the USA
  • Period: to


  • Worldcup outside the americas and europe.

    Worldcup outside the americas and europe.
    Korea and Japan co-host the first World Cup outside Europe and the Americas
  • 2006 fifa world cup

    2006 fifa world cup
    Germany sponsored the 2006 world cup And italy took the title home .Zidane a great french player was kicked out of the match due to a unessesary head butt to an italian player .
  • Fifa world Cup In South africa

    Fifa world Cup In South africa
    South Africa sponsored the world cup the year of 2010 a succesful and the best one yet in my opinion Spain took the cup home as the defeated the netherlands 1-0
  • Messi the best

    Messi the best
    Messi is rated the best player 3rd time in a row .
  • Fifa world cup Korea Japan

    Fifa world cup Korea Japan
    Korea and japan hosted the 2002 world cup and Brazil took the title home for the 5th time.