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Radamel Falcao Garcia Zarate ''Tiger''.

  • Was born

    Was born
    He was born in Santa Marta, Magdalena (Colombia). his parents were poor at the moment.
    the father worked in a company of santamarta and the mother woeked in a company Magdalena Medio.
  • His nickname

    His nickname
    the father gets his nickname because its main attraction were the tigers.
  • Laceros Boyaca team

    Laceros Boyaca team
    The Tiger debuted in the first category B of Colombia Lanceros Boyaca team that had moved to Tunja that season Chia.
  • Deportivo Pereira team

    Deportivo Pereira team
    Became the youngest player to debut in professional football tournament in Colombia. Falcao debut at 13 years old against Deportivo Pereira in its category on August 28, 1999, converted banks them on the player more young s debut in a tournament professional soccer Colombia.
  • First goal

    First goal
    On April 25 from 2000 in the olympic stadium of the Sun of sogamoso, he annotate goal with only fourteen years.
  • River plate team

    River plate team
    in the year 2011, with fourteen years he make début in first B colombian with the fair play of chia. In the seme year it was recruited for River Plate of argentine.
  • Period: to


    His time in River plate.
  • Proffesional Debut

    Proffesional Debut
    His professional début in The First Division gave to itself in the year2005 during the tilt It closes.
  • Consolidation

    His consolidation was during the tilt of the year 2005 where I achieve 7 goals in 11 parties under the technical direction of "mustard" that gave to him the confidence that he needed
  • Colombia team

    Colombia team
    In 2005, he was champion with the Selection Colombia Sub-20 in the South American Sub-20
  • Colombia - Uruguay match

    Colombia - Uruguay match
    Also, on February 7, 2007 it played in friendly match of Colombia - Uruguay.

    On June 3, 2007 I mark his first goal with the Colombian shirt in frot Selection of football of Montenegro in Japan during the KIRIN CUP
  • Triplet goal

    Triplet goal
    Garcia I believe for the first time as professional a triplet on September, 28 of the year 2007.
  • River Plate champion

    River Plate champion
    On June, eight it gains with river plate the tilt closes of the year 2008 under Diego Simeone's technical direction.
  • FC Poto

    FC Poto
    His jump to itself was not made Europe wait and in July of the year2009 I confirm to him his step to the FC carry of portugal for 5.5 million Euros.
  • Period: to


    His time in Porto FC.
  • His process

    His process
    In the first six months in the club ''The Tiger " it marked eleven goals in 19 parties. His first official goal with the Portuguese club marked it on August 16 opposite to the Paços Ferreira.
    In the season of the year 2009-2010 it marked 34 goals in 42 parties, 25 in league, four in League of Champions of Europa and six in the Glass of Portugal;
  • It corners of portugal.

    It corners of portugal.
    In April of the year 2011 the FC ; Carry it classified to the final of the Glass of Portugal on having conquered the Benfica in his stadium for 1-3, García again contributed one of the goals of the victory.
  • Spartak of Moscow team

    Spartak of Moscow team
    On April 7 of the year 2011 Falcao it proved once again his reputation when three goals annotated in the victory 5-1 of I carry before the Spartak of Moscow, where also he collaborated with an assistance.
  • Villareal team

    Villareal team
    Falcao Europa League qualified to the final of the UEFA with his club carry on May 05 of the year 2011 in spite of the defeat of his club 3-2 to Villareal.'s hands.
  • Final UEFA.

    Final UEFA.
    On May 18 the final of the UEFA was played Europa League 2010-11 in the Stadium Intensifies of Dublin between the FC carry and the Sporting Braga.
  • American's cup 2011

    American's cup 2011
    On June 6, 2011 it was summoned by the technician Hernán Darío Gómez to play in the America's cup 2011 that is realized in Argentina.
  • Peru vs Colombia match.

    Peru vs Colombia match.
    On July 16, 2011, Falcao failed a penalty that might had been decisive in the result of the match
  • Atletico Madrid team

    Atletico Madrid team
    On August 18, 2011 Radamel Falcao registers for the Atletico Madrid for the quantity estimated of 40 million Euros.