Developments of Soccer

By roryd13
  • Jun 10, 1424

    Soccer was created

    Soccer was created
    Soccer is believed to have started back in 2500BC where the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese whio all appeared to have taken part in foot based games. Soccer started in the tsin dynasty and repesented a game which soldiers competed in a training activity which involved them kicking a leather ball into a net strung between two poles.
  • The first ever football was made

    The first ever football was made
    Charles Goodyear made the first ever vulcanized rubber football. The vulcanized rubber was glued together at the seams. The panels were shape like todays basketball rather than todays football.
  • The begining of the FA

    The begining of the FA
    The FA is created and the first match is played under the FA rules. The first match was between Barnes and Richmond which ended in a goaless draw between the two teams.
  • The number of teams under the FA

    The number of teams under the FA
    The number of teams that were under the FA when it was first formed was 11 football clubs. Now the number of teams that are under the FA is 25,000 which is pretty much every football club across England.
  • The corner kick

    The corner kick
    The corner kick was brought in by the Fa back in 1872. back in the early days corner kicks would have been taken by half backs, whereas nowadays corner kicks are normally taken by the player who has the best crossing accuracy.
  • England play Scotland

    England play Scotland
    In 1876 England played Scotland for the first time under the FA rules for the first time since the FA was created. The game had an attendance of 15,000 spectators at the game
  • Growth of organised sport in public schools

    Growth of organised sport in public schools
    public schools started organising different team sports for students. This is because a lot of students had to much free time and schools wanted them to be taking part in sports.
  • First FA Cup match with Goal nets

    First FA Cup match with Goal nets
    In the 1891 FA Cup final between Blackburn Rovers and Notts County which was played at Kennington Oval was the first match ever to have real goal nets.
  • Sheffeild United

    Sheffeild United
    Back in the late 1890's Sheffeild United where the best team in England winning the League Championship '98' and then going on to win the FA Cup a year later. Sheffeild Uniteds Goalkeeper who is known as William 'Fatty' Foulke was said to have weighed 20 stone. He is currently the biggest goalkeeper to have ever played under the FA.
  • The first Maximum Wage

    The first Maximum Wage
    The first maximum wage allowed football players to earn up to £4 a week. This was the must a player could earn back then. It would only be professional football players being able to earn this wage.
  • FIFA is Founded

    FIFA is Founded
    FIFA was founded on 21 May 1904 in Paris by delegates from Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. this meant football was growing globally all over the world.
  • The Saturday Half Day

    The Saturday Half Day
    The saturday half day came along because people who worked in factories all week had no time to do any physical acitivity. So the staurday half day gave them a change to get out of work earlier on a saturday so the workers could and take part in football because there was always football matches being played on a saturday.
  • 50 Years of the FA

    50 Years of the FA
    After 50 years of the FA a match between Aston Villa and Crystal Palace drawed in a world record crowd of 120,081 spectators at Crystal Palace
  • First Wembley Cup Final

    First Wembley Cup Final
    Wembley stadium hosts its first Cup Final also known as the White Horse Final. This is because PC George Scorey and his house Billie cleared the spectaters of the pitch so the match could start. The match finally kicked off 45 minutes after the time it should have started at, Bolton beat West Ham 2-0. The match broke the record for the most spectaters at a football match. 126,047 people attend the game.
  • Role of PE in schools

    Role of PE in schools
    When PE started coming into schools it became a very big thing because it was keepin a lot of people in school and getting them to take part in physical activity.
  • First match to be broadcasted by radio

    First match to be broadcasted by radio
    The first match ever to be broadcasted on BBC Radio is a match between Arsenal and Sheffield United which ended in a 1-1 draw between the two teams. The first Cup Final was broadcasted on BBC Radio three months later
  • The move from agricultural work

    The move from agricultural work
    People used to work 24hrs a day 7 days a week just to provide money and food for their families this meant that these people were working all the time and had no free time for physical activities. This is now why people are now able to work flexible hours and still have time for physical activity.
  • The first ever world cup

    The first ever world cup
    the first ever world cup haapened in 1930 and was the only world cup which had no qualification games so this means every country that had a soccer team was in the world cup
  • Numbers on Shirts

    Numbers on Shirts
    The first ever game was played with numbers on the back of the jerseys. The match was a Cup Final between Everton and Manchester City with Everton wearing the numbers 1 to 11 on the back of their jerseys and Manchester City wearing the numbers 12 to 22 on the back of their jerseys. Everton won the game 3-0.
  • the first FA Cup Final after the world war

    the first FA Cup Final after the world war
    the first FA Cup final was played after the world war. the match was between Derby County and Charlton Athletic. After 85 minutes without a goal Derby County finally scored and won the match after extra time
  • Public transport and car ownership

    Public transport and car ownership
    In the 1950s public transport had improved so much that more people were able to go to take part in physical activity. this was because there was more cars being made and more trains travelling from different places.
  • England loses at home for first time

    England loses at home for first time
    England lose their first game at wembley. England were beaten by Hungary 6-3 in front of many england fans. People started to try and figure out what went wrong for them during the game.
  • First match with Flood Lights

    First match with Flood Lights
    The first ever FA Cup Final was played under flood lights on 14th of September 1955. In a match between Kidderminster and Brierley Hill Alliance which Kidderminster won the reply 4-3.
  • Double joy

    Double joy
    Having already won the league Spurs then went on to win the FA Cup Final 2-0 against Leicester City. Spurs was the first 20th century team to ever do the double.
  • England lift the Joules Rimet Trophy

    England lift the Joules Rimet Trophy
    In a thrilling game against West Germany england managed to beat them 4-2 in extra time. England only conceded one goal on the road to the final. It was a huge achievement for England because they won the final on home soil.
  • First international womens game

    First international womens game
    the first womens international football game is played between England and Scotland. The match was played at Greenock and England ladies ended up beating Scotland ladies 3-2.
  • the first £1million pound transfer

    the first £1million pound transfer
    Birminingham Citys Trevor Francis became the first one million pound transfer back in 1979 when Nottingham Forest signed him. He then scored the winner for Nottingham Forest to win the European Cup which they retained a year later.
  • The Hand of God

    The Hand of God
    In the World Cup Final between England and Argentina in Mexico. Argentina won the match 2-1 but they won with a contrevesal call when Argentina striker Diego Maradona scored with his hand and the goal was allowed.
  • Hillsborough Disaster

    Hillsborough Disaster
    In a FA Cup semi final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest a huge disater happened when 1,000's of fans crushed each other because there was two many people at the game. 96 people lost their lives at this match. this disater turned out to be one of the worst disasters ever in football. This is why every stadium in english football has seats now
  • Sky Sports

    Sky Sports
    Sky Sports started showing live football on tv in 1992 when the premier league broke away from the football league. Since then sky sports have became the biggest football broadcasters. they now show the football in HD and in 3D.
  • The Premier League

    The Premier League
    the premier league started back in 1992 and it was a league which 20 of englands best teams played each other for the premier league trophy. Welsh clubs can also qualify for this league. Since 1992 the trophy has only been won by 5 teams these teams are Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers
  • Bosman

    The desire of Jean-Marc Bosman to move from Club de Liege to Dunkerque inadvertently triggered a change in the law that altered the face of football forever. He started his case in 1990 when he was 25 and in the prime of his career, was left in limbo for five years and then, one year after he won.
  • Manchester United Trebble

    Manchester United Trebble
    After winning the Premier league and FA Cup, Manchester United were in the champions league final against the German giants Bayern Munich. two late goals in extra time from Teddy Shirringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer secured the champions league trophy for Manchester United. This then meant they had did the trebble.
  • first womens world cup

    first womens world cup
    the first ever womens world cup was introduced in 2012. This was to make the game more fair so the womens football would be the same as the mens.
  • Goal line Technolgy

    Goal line Technolgy
    Every club in the Premier League had to have goal line technology in it. this is were if the ball goes over the line the referee has a watch that tells him if it is a goal or not a goal