EA Sports FIFA

  • FIFA International Soccer

    FIFA International Soccer
    FIFA International Soccer was EA's first FIFA game. Also known as FIFA 94, this FIFA game was the first ever made. It was the first soccer video game to have an isometric view of the playing field unlike past soccer games. Mega placed the game at #11 in their Top 50 Mega Drive Games of All Time. FIFA 1994 PC Gameplay
  • FIFA 95

    FIFA 95
    FIFA 95 ran on the same engine as FIFA International Soccer, however instead of just national teams, club teams from eight of the world's top-tier leagues were introduced. Players on these teams still had fake names that were similar to those of the real players on the teams becuase they did not have rights to the names. FIFA 95 was only released for Mega Drive. FIFA 95 Gameplay
  • FIFA 96

    FIFA 96
    With the tagline of "Next Generation Soccer," FIFA 96 made vast improvements from its predecessors, including three more leagues, player names and rankings, and team transfer and customization tools added to the game. The SNES and Mega Drive versions used an updated version of FIFA 95's engine and featured improved graphics. FIFA 96 was the first FIFA game to have a proper introduction. FIFA 96 Introduction
  • FIFA 97

    FIFA 97
    FIFA 97's big change from the year prior was an addition of a 6-on-6 inddor soccer mode. Also added to the game were a few more soccer leagues from countries already in the game. For the first time in a FIFA game, game commentary was added. The commentators were John Motson and Andy Gray. FIFA 97 Indoor Match with Commentary
  • FIFA: Road to the World Cup 98

    FIFA: Road to the World Cup 98
    This version of FIFA once again incorporated an international tournament, but this time it included all FIFA-registered national teams. Additionally, this version implemented a licensed soundtrack and 16 stadia to play in. For the first time in FIFA history, the game implemented the offside rule of soccer correctly. It was the last FIFA game to be released on the 16-bit consoles. FIFA 98 Introduction with "Song 2" by Blur
  • FIFA 99

    FIFA 99
    As its tagline stated, FIFA 99 featured "All the Clubs, Leagues and Cups" of Europe. However, it did not feature it's indoor mode any longer. Many improvements were made to the fluidity and responsiveness of the game. Additionally, improvements to graphics were made, which include basic facial and uniform features (although unlicensed) and different heights and widths for players. FIFA 99 was a bestseller in the UK. FIFA 99 Trailer
  • FIFA 2000

    FIFA 2000
    EA Sports added over 40 national sides, fully integrated seasons, set piece selections, increased physical contact, new facial animations, shielding ability and tougher tackling to FIFA 2000. A brand new engine was integrated for this game which used cartoonish graphics to "add more emotion," and it received mixed, but mostly negative, reviews. FIFA 2000 Introduction
  • FIFA 2001

    FIFA 2001
    EA Sports finally got a license to further detail the kits of the teams and use actual team emblems in FIFA 2001. For the first time gamers could see the emblem and kit of their favorite teams in the game. In this version, there is what some people called a "hack", where the gamer could intentionally foul their opponents. Also, the shooting bar was introduced for the first time. FIFA 2001 Trailer
  • FIFA Football 2002

    FIFA Football 2002
    FIFA 2002 introduced power bars to not only shooting, but for passing as well. Also, EA Sports made the dribbling less consistent in order to make dribbling take more skill. More teams were added to the roster once again, and a bonus game with teams that had already qualified for the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and Korea was also added. FIFA 2002 Trailer
  • FIFA Football 2003

    FIFA Football 2003
    In FIFA 2003, EA Sports ditched the old graphics and completely redid them with the most realistic looking players and kits ever seen. EA Sports added a TV-style broadcast package that gave highlights at half-time and full-time, as well as comprehensive analysis to this version. Also added was the "Freestyle Control," which allows the user to flick the ball on and lay it off to team mates. FIFA 2003 Commercial
  • FIFA Football 2004

    FIFA Football 2004
    EA Sports added just a few more features to FIFA 2004. For the first time, gamers could control two players at once in order to open players up for passes. Additionally, EA Sports added second-tier teams for a greater variety of teams to choose. Another new feature had to do with the crowd. At every stadium, the crowds would chant and sing the songs of their respective team in order to boost their spirits. FIFA 2004 Trailer
  • FIFA Football 2005

    FIFA Football 2005
    EA decided to release FIFA Football 2005 a few weeks earier than usual in order to get a head start on sales against their competitor Pro Evolution Soccer. The biggest difference compared to previous titles in the series is the inclusion of first-touch gameplay which provides gamers with the ability to perform "real-life" tricks and passes. FIFA Football 2005 Gameplay Highlights
  • FIFA 06

    FIFA 06
    With FIFA 2006, drastic changes were made. Developers made a complete overhaul of the game engine for this installment of FIFA, claiming a dramatic increase in the control of play, having rewritten more than half the game's code. In FIFA 06, the "Off the Ball" feature was ditched and "Team Chemistry" was added to the game. Additionally, a World XI team and Classic XI team was introduced, boasting the best players. FIFA 06 Trailer
  • FIFA 07

    FIFA 07
    FIFA 07 was the first FIFA game available on XBOX360. EA Sports completely redid the game engine for the XBOX360 version from scratch, but kept the same one for other systems. The main addition to FIFA 07 was the "Interactive Leagues" mode, where gamers played the actual fixtures of their favorite European leagues as the seasons went on in real life. FIFA 07 Interactive Leagues
  • FIFA 08

    FIFA 08
    In FIFA 08, EA Sports added several more leagues and teams for a wider selection. Also, the "Memorable Moments" were taken out of the game. For the first time, an XBOX (not XBOX 360) version was not created. The main new feature of this version was "Be A Pro" mode. In this mode, the gamer played only as one player on the field. For the Wii version of the game, three mini games were added which used the Wii Remote. FIFA 08 Be A Pro
  • FIFA 09

    FIFA 09
    FIFA 09 offered many new online features, which many games were turning towards at the time. Some of the features included 10 v 10 "Be A Pro" online play and "Adidas Live Season," which changed players' rankings based on their real-life play that week. Also, for the first time EA Sports offered more material (such as additional commentary) for sale online. FIFA 09 Trailer
  • FIFA 10

    FIFA 10
    The greatest addition to FIFA 10 is the "360 Degree Dribbling Control" feature. Players were now able to move at any angle on any point on the field instead of the old 8-direction movements. Additionally, there was now a new "Manager Mode" with an assistant manager position. More leagues were added, too, making the count 50 stadia and 31 leagues available to use. FIFA 10 360 Degree Dribbling Control
  • FIFA 11

    FIFA 11
    FIFA 11 didn't feature many new game modes, but it features arguably the most important addition to the EA Sports FIFA series: Personality+. Personality+ takes the skills of individual players and applies them even more deeply into gameplay. The link below explains it in more detail. FIFA 11 Personality Plus
  • FIFA 12

    FIFA 12
    FIFA 12 offered plenty of new features and game modes. EA Sports added enhanced dribbling, defending, and artificial intelligence into the gameplay as well as a new player impact engine and more realistic injuries. FIFA 12 also featured an enhanced "Career Mode" with up-to-date rankings for players. FIFA 12 Trailer
  • FIFA 13

    FIFA 13
    FIFA 13 is the most anticipate FIFA game of all time (thus far). The blockbuster game features new "Attacking Intelligence," "Complete Dribbling," and "First Touch Control" within gameplay, making a drastically more realistic game to even out the playing field between gamers. There is also a new "EA Sports Football Club" feature, which bring about the tagline "Join the Clu13." FIFA 13 First Touch Control