History of the Beautiful Game

  • Jul 7, 700

    Brutal Britain

    Brutal Britain
    People used the severed head of a Danish prince they defeated in war, as a soccer ball
  • Jun 9, 1331


    King Edward III of England passes laws in 1331 to stop the game with severed heads because of the violence.
  • Sep 22, 1424

    More outlawing

    More outlawing
    King James I of Scotland also passed a law banning the game
  • Sep 12, 1572

    The Queen

    The Queen
    Queen Elizabeth I of England, enacted laws that could sentence a football player to jail for a week followed by penance in a church.
  • Soccer's roots

    Soccer's roots
    1600 AD In Mexico & Central America the rubber ball was created, and used in a game on a recessed court 40-50 feet long shaped like a capital "I". In the middle of each wall, was a mounted stone or wooden ring and the object was to project the hard rubber ball through the ring. There was earlier evidence of the game as far back as 5000 BC
  • Legal again?

    Legal again?
    Soccer became legal in England again.
  • America's first?

    America's first?
    In North America, native American Indians in the original Jamestown settlement played a game called pasuckuakohowog, meaning "they gather to play ball with the foot." It was a rough game, played the beach, the field a half-mile wide with goals 1 mile apart, with as many as 1000 players at a time
  • The Rules

    The Rules
    Eton College of England established a set of rules for the games.
  • Universities

    In the USA, football was played among the Northeastern universities and colleges of Harvard, Princeton, Amherst and Brown.
  • Standardized Rules

    Standardized Rules
    The rules were further standardized and a new version was adopted by all the schools, college and universities, known as the Cambridge Rules.
  • First soccer ball

    First soccer ball
    In 1855 Charles Goodyear designed and built the first vulcanized rubber soccer balls! this ball was on display at the National Soccer Hall of Fame which was located in Oneonta, NY, USA . The ball was used for a game between the Oneida Football Club, the first organized team in the US, and a team of players from Boston Latin and Boston English Schools.
  • London

    Football Association was formed when eleven London schools and clubs came together at the Freemason's Tavern to establish a single set of rules to administer any football match that were to be played among them.
  • First Club Soccer Match in England

    First Club Soccer Match in England
    First ever soccer match was played on Barnes common at Mortlake, London on 19th December 1863 between Barnes Football Club and Richmond Football Club. The game ended in a 0-0 draw.
  • PK

    The penalty kick is introduced
  • Olympics

    Soccer becomes an olympic event.
  • First World Cup

    First World Cup
    First world cup with only 13 teams played in Uruguay
  • first soccer shoes invented

    first soccer shoes invented
    1949, dolf (Adi) Dassler invented a soccer shoe that had molded rubber studs. Adi, a German shoe factory worker, had a passion for designing shoes for athletes, which became his motivation for starting the company known today as Adidas.
  • Club competitions

    Club competitions
    Birth of club competitions
  • TV

    First world wide coverage of world cup games
  • Red and yellow cards

    Red and yellow cards
    Before soccer was a violence sport , there were not rules players fight in the game . Red & Yellow carts were created to punish or warm players.More recent major changes included when goalkeepers were banned from handling deliberate back-passes in 1992 and when tackles from behind became red-card penalties in 1998.
  • Pele retires

    Pele retires
    Pelé retired from international competition after Brazil tied Yugoslavia 2-2 before 150,000 people at the Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium.
  • Women

    First FIFA World Championship for Women's Football in China won by the USA.
  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame
    Pelé, the most recognizable soccer figure in the world, is inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame along with John Nanoski and Dennis Long bringing the total to 194.
  • The person Bajio was named after was a failure

    The person Bajio was named after was a failure
    The first World Cup Final to be decided on penalties results in victory for Brazil after Roberto Baggio misses the crucial final kick in the World Cup Final, held this year in the United States. The first time the finals had been played outside of Europe or South America.
  • MLS

    Major League Soccer (MLS) begins as the top USA pro-soccer league.
  • Women's attendance

    Women's attendance
    Women's World Cup Final in Los Angeles, USA beat China in front of 90,185 fans. This was the largest ever attendance for a women's sporting event in world history. The tournament had over 658,000 attendees and over 1 billion television viewers worldwide, thus not only putting women's soccer but also women's sport into mainstream society forever.
  • Club Champs

    Club Champs
    Brazil hosts the first FIFA Club World Championship, won by Corinthians of Brazil.
  • Australia

    Australian and American Samoa national football teams faced each other in a qualifying match for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The match was played at the International Sports Stadium in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Australia set a world record for the largest victory in an international football match, winning the game 31--0.
  • Soccer in Asia

    Soccer in Asia
    Korea and Japan co-host the first World Cup outside Europe and the Americas.
  • Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the most expensive player ever, £80m securing his transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid.
  • Africa

    The first ever World Cup Final to be played on African soil will begin in Johannesburg, South Africa on 11th June at 4pm with the match between the hosts South Africa and Mexico.
  • Mexico wins

    Mexico wins
    Mexico wins first ever gold medal in olympic soccer.