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FA through the years

  • The FA was formed

    this was big for english football as it was the first main structure in the sport in this country.
  • first game played under FA rules

    this was huge for the game of football in this country as it finally meant all teams playing football playd by the same rules, which made for a more interesting and fair game.
  • first International fixture under FA ruling

    this match was between Scotland and englad. England won 1-0. this was a big turning curve in the sport because it was the start of the international competition.
  • lowest attendance at an international fixture.

    only 200 people turned out to watch England vs Wales on a bitterly cold afternoon. england won the game 2-1.
  • Englands Hero

    In 1882 England were to play Ireland in Belfast. England won the mathc 13-0 with 5 of those goals coming from Aston Villas Howard Vaughton. It was his first game playing for his country and he was the first poster boy for international English football.
  • first Black player

    Arthur Wharton was the first professional mixed race player to play in the FA. HE played for Preton North End. However he wasnt part of the invisibles team as he left the club shortly before their winning season of 188/89 to start a career as a professional athlete.
  • Englad's finest all-rounder

    Charles Burgess was the first ever person to play football, cricket and hold the long jump world record for england. He was one of the finest sportsmen this country has seen.
  • Wage cap intoduced

    the first wage cap brought in by the FA was £4 a week. this was a big part in the FA's history as it incouraged players to stay at teams longer and helped the poorer clubs hold on to better players. this made it a much fairer game.
  • the introduction of FIFA

    On this date in Paris the FIFA board was founded. 6 European members of different football governing bodies took to Paris to come up with the rules and regulation of internationl football. This was massive for football as it showed that this was the start of a world wide game.
  • last true amateur

    Vivian Woodward was concidered to be the last true amateur to play in the FA and for England. he played for totenham and chelsea. Vivian also scored a very impressive 29 goals in 23 senior apperances for England. this is quite an important part of FA history, because it shows that the amateur side of the game is fading out and the new era of professionals is coming through.
  • women banned from football

    the FA banned women playing in the assioation, because they believed that the game was unsuitable for females. this was the start of inequality in the sport in England.
  • Wembley stadium was built

    the Wembley stadium was finished being built just four days before the first FA cup final. the FA cup got a record 126,047 spectators in the stadium. The stadium took 300 days to build. this was one of the first main staduims made for football and it was considered as the home and heart of football.
  • the FA cup leaves England

    Cardiff city won the FA cup. this was the first and last time the FA cup has ever left England. this was a big deal in English football, because an English team couldnt manage to win the trophy.
  • first world cup

    the first ever world cup was played in 1930 in Uraguay. england did not compete in the first world cup due to the dificulty of travelling there. The hosts Uraguay won the world cup defeating Argentina 4-1 in the final.
  • numbers on shirts

    Everton vs Manchester city was the first game where numbers were put on the back of shirts. Everton wore numbers 1-11 and Manchester city wore numbers 12-22. Everton won the game 3-0.
  • first non league to beat top tier

    non league side Yeovil town beat top tier side Sunderland in an 'impossible' cup victory beating a strong side 2-1.
  • Englad stuggle to keep up on the international stage

    England lose 6-3 at home to olympic chapions Hungary. This is the first time you see the inventors of the game struggling to keep up with the changing game and up coming nations.
  • Abolishment of salary cap

    in 1961 saw the abolishment of the salary cap. From this Johnny Haynes was the first player to earn £100 a week
  • England are world champions.

    the greatest day in english football history, England won the world cup. They beat West Germany 4-2 with Geoff Hurst scoring a hat-trick, the only ever hat-trick scored in a world cup final
  • first FA cup final in colour

    West Bromich Albion faced Everton in the 1968 FA Cup final, the first to be broadcast in colour.
  • cards were first uded

    the yellow and red cards were first used in 1976. this helped with health and safety in the game. David Wagstaffe was the first player to see red.
  • first black England internationl player

    Ron Greenwood, England head coach picked England's first ever black internation player. This was huge for football in England as Viv Anderson opened up the doors for other black players to try and wiggle their way into prfessional and international football.
  • The million pound man

    in 1979, Brian Clough's Nottinham Forest buy Trevor Francis from Birmingham city for £1m. the first £1m transfer betwen english clubs.
  • Tragedey strikes Bradford

    on the 11th of May a stadium fire left 56 dead in Bradford. the match was against Lincoln city. it was around 3;40 that a small fire started, but it was due to windy conditions worsened very quickly.
  • Hillsborough disaster

    on the 15th April 1989 tragey struck shieffield. it was a FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forrest where 96 people lost their lives and 766 were injured. this was a tragic day for English football and it will never be forgotten.
  • womens football reintroduced by FA

    the FA reinstated womans football, but in their own league. labled as the WFA (womans football association) this was big for equal rights and meant women could get out there and show the country what they could do.
  • Foreign rein over England

    in 2001 England asigned their first ever foreign, Sven Goran Eriksson.
  • New Wembley

    in 2007 Wembley was back as Englands home, the 90,000 seated arena is built of the site of the old Wembley. there are 2,618 toilets in the new Wembley, more tan anyother arena in the world.
  • Fabrice Muamba

    in March, fabrice muamba collapased at whit heart lane playing for Bolton. Luckily a heart specialist in the stands was on hand to save the young players life. Muamab was techinally dead for 78 minutes.