The History of Cricket

  • 1550

    Cricket was invented

    Cricket was invented
    Cricket was possibly created around this time by children living in the Weald, an area of dense woodlands and clearings in south-east England that lies across Kent and Sussex. Cricket was probably invented as a form of entertainment and something to do to keep people fit. Image: A picture of people playing one of the earliest forms of cricket.
  • Cricket added to the dictionary.

    Cricket mentioned in Florio's Italian-English dictionary.
  • First ever mention of a cricket bat

    First ever mention of a cricket bat
    At this time cricket bats were shaped like hockey sticks because bowlers used to bowel underarm. Cricket bats then went on to change greatly. Image: One of the hockey stick cricket bats. Image: The evolution of cricket bats.
  • First man ever killed while playing cricket

    Jasper Vinall becomes the first man known to be killed playing cricket. He was hit by a bat while trying to catch the ball at Horsted Green, Sussex. This event would have effected cricket in a good and bad way, as the people would have tried to make the game safer from this event but also might scare some people away from playing it
  • Gamblers begin making large bets on cricket matches

    Large bets were made on cricket matches at this time, but in 1664 bets were limited to £100 which was still a lot of money at the time. £100 is worth about £14 thousand. Gambling has greatly effected the cricket society over the years.
  • First recorded century

    John Minshull's place in cricket history was secured when on August 31, 1769 he scored 107 for Sevenoaks against Wrotham, the first recorded hundred in the game, although it is thought that John Small scored one in 1768.
  • Period: to

    Cricket bats evolve greatly

    It was in this time that cricket bats went from being a hockey stick to becoming the modern day bat. The rules for bowling also changed a lot over this time, which was the main reason why cricket bats changed so much over this time. The changes in cricket bats was probably one of the games biggest changes and has effected the was it is played greatly.
  • LBW invented

    LBW invented
    Leg before wicket first appeared in the laws of cricket in 1774, as batsmen began to use their pads to prevent the ball hitting the stumps. A batsmen can be dismissed LBW if the ball hits the batsmen on the pad and the ball was going on to hit the stumps. This rule was altered a lot over time. This was a very significant event in cricket history because it changed the rules greatly. Image: A modern day example of LBW.
  • First recorded game of cricket in Australia

    The first recorded game of cricket in Australia was played in December 1803 at Sydney.
  • Straight arm bowling invented

    Straight arm bowling invented
    John Willes of Kent was the first bowler to be mentioned bowling with a straight arm. Image: An example of straight armed bowling.
  • Batting pads invented

    Batting pads invented
    For added protection on the players legs, batting pads were invented around this time. Image: An old batting pad.
  • First International Match played

    First International Match played
    In 1844 the first International Match was played between Canada and The United States at the grounds of the St George's Cricket Club in New York. Image: A painting of the first International match.
  • Wicket Keeping Gloves first used

    Wicket Keeping Gloves first used
    Wicket Keeping gloves first used for easier catching for the wicket keeper. Image: Evolution of wicket keeping gloves.
  • The box was invented

    Another piece of protective equipment was invented at this time, the box or abdominal guard.
  • First Test Match played

    First Test Match played
    The first ever Test Match took place on 15–19 of March 1877. It was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Australia and England. Australia won by 45 runs. Image: The England Test Team.
  • The beginning of The Ashes

    The beginning of The Ashes
    Following England's first defeat by Australia in England, an "obituary notice" to English cricket in the Sporting Times leads to the beginning of one of the greatest rivalries in cricket: The Ashes. This event is probably the most significant in cricketing history in Australia. Because of this event crowds have been larger at Ashes matches bringing in more profit for the venues hosting the games Image: An image of the notice that was in the Sporting Times.
  • Highest team score ever in First Class cricket.

    Highest team score ever in First Class cricket.
    Victoria score 1,107 against New South Wales at Melbourne, the highest recorded total for a first-class innings. 4 people scored at least 100, with WH Ponsford top scoring with 352. Image: WH Ponsford top socred for Victoria with 352.
  • Don Bradman plays his first test match for Australia.

    Don Bradman plays his first test match for Australia.
    Don Bradman begins his test cricket career and goes on to become one of the greatest cricketers of all time. Image: A picture of Don Bradman.
  • Helmets first used

    Helmets first used
    Cricket helmets first used by Pasty Hendren. Image: Barry Jarman wearing a batting helmet and demonstrating safety levels with a cricket ball in 1982.
  • Don Bradman finishes his Test career

    Don Bradman finishes his Test career
    Don Bradman concludes his test career with a second ball duck (0) finishing with the highest test average of all time 99.94.
  • First ODI played

    First ODI played
    ODI (One Day International) is a form of cricket that is limited to 50 overs a side. The first one-day international was played between Australia and England at Melbourne. Australia won by 5 wickets. Image: An image from the first ODI in 1971.
  • First Cricket World Cup

    First Cricket World Cup
    The Cricket World Cup is a 50 over international championship held every 4 years with preliminary qualification rounds leading up to a finals tournament. The tournament is one of the world's most viewed sporting events. In 1975 the first World Cup was held. The West Indies ended up beating Australia in the final. Image: The West Indies celebrating their World Cup win.
  • DRS first used in a Test Match

    DRS first used in a Test Match
    The DRS (Umpire Decision Review System) is a reviewing system used to review LBW, run outs and some catches. Things used are television replays, technology that tracks the path of the ball, microphones to detect small sounds made as the ball hits bat or pad, and infra-red imaging to detect temperature changes as the ball hits bat or pad. The DRS has been controversial in some instances but has effected cricket greatly. Image: An umpire reversing their decision because of the DRS.
  • Sir Donald Bradman passes away

    Sir Donald Bradman passes away
    Sir Donald Bradman passes away aged 92. Image: A statue of Don Bradman at Adelaide Oval.
  • First official T20 match played

    First official T20 match played
    The first official Twenty20 (T20) matches were played on June 13 2003 between the English counties in the Twenty20 Cup. There are different types of T20s, there are International games (T20I) and more local games usually held between different parts of a country. T20's have greatly increased the popularity of cricket, with other countries also hosting their own competitions, like the Big Bash League in Australia. Image: New Zealand and Pakistan playing in a T20.