History of Ice Hockey

By jamiem
  • Beginings of Ice Hockey

    Beginings of Ice Hockey
    Modern Ice Hockey is believed to be evoled from the game of field hockey that had originally been played in Northern Europe for centuries. Although the location is still argued over, we do know for sure that the country of Canada is the home of the first modern hockey game.
  • First Rules

    First Rules
    The first rules for the game were established by Canadian J.G.A. Creighton. In 1875, the first game of ice hockey with Creighton's rules was played in Montreal, Canada.
  • First Ice Rink

    First Ice Rink
    The first artificial ice rink, that was mechanically-refrigerated, was built in 1876, in Chelsea, London, Englan near the King's Road in London by John Gamgee. The rink was named the Glaciarium.
  • Rules Published to the Public

    Rules Published to the Public
    The first known rules for the game of modern ice hockey are published by the Montreal Gazette.
  • Amateur Hockey Association of Canada forms

    Amateur Hockey Association of Canada forms
    The Amateur Hockey Association of Canada was an amateur mens ice hockey league formed in 1886. The league played with the rules of that time and had four teams in Montreal, one in Ottawa and one in Quebec City, Canada.
  • First Women's Hockey Game

    First Women's Hockey Game
    The first women's hockey game was played in Ottawa or Barrie, Ontario.
  • The Stanley Cup

    The Stanley Cup
    Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston and Governor-General of Canada, donated a trophy to be called the "Stanley Cup" which would be
    a challenge cup, held from year to year by the leading hockey club in Canada. The first winning team of the Stanley Cup was a team from Montreal that beat out the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada.
  • Winning Streak

    Winning Streak
  • The Goal Net

    The Goal Net
    The goal net was introduced to the game of hockey in 1900 soon after the introduction of two goal posts.The Niagara players of the Southern Ontario Hockey Associationhad had, in order to avoid arguments over fair goals, tied a fishing net between the two goal posts to form the first true hockey net and the idea quickly spread.
  • Stanley Cup Champions

    Stanley Cup Champions
    The Ottawa Silver Seven win the Stanley Cup in 1904 after tying for it the previous year. After this, they win the cup the next year and tie again in 1906.
  • The Pacific Coast Hockey Association

    The Pacific Coast Hockey Association
    A group of teams in Western Canada form the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. This league introduces several innovations: Blue lines are added to divide the ice into three zones, goaltenders are allowed to fall on the ice to make saves, forward passing is allowed in the neutral zone, and the 60 minute game is divided into three 20 minute periods.
  • Number of Players Changes

    Number of Players Changes
    The number of players allowed on the ice for each team is reduced from seven to six.
  • Win for Toronto

    Win for Toronto
    The Toronto Blueshirts from the National Hockey Association win Toronto's first Stanley Cup.
  • The National Hockey League

    The National Hockey League
    The National Hockey League (NHL) was formed on a November 22nd, 1917 but, it wasn't until four days later, on November 26th, that five clubs officially joined the league. The Ottawa Senators, the Quebec Bulldogs, the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal Wanderers, and the Toronto Arenas made up the league at that time.
  • First International Icke Hockey Tournament

    First International Icke Hockey Tournament
    The Olympic Summer Games in Antwerp, Belgium hosted the first international ice hockey tournament with North American participation. The games were played on a very small rink and Canada's team the Winnipeg Falcons won the gold.
  • Joining the Olympics

    Joining the Olympics
    Ice Hockey officially joined the Olympics in 1920 but wasn't actually seen there until 1924.
  • First U.S. Game

    First U.S. Game
    In the first game played in the United States, the Motreal Maroons loose to the Bostin Bruins by 2-1.
  • Offsides Rule

    Offsides Rule
    The first offsides rule was introduced in 1929.
  • Beinging of the Season

    Beinging of the Season
    The NHL season starts in October for the very first time.
  • Two New Additions This Year

    Two New Additions This Year
    Referees begin using hand signals to indicate penalties and other rulings during the game. Also in 1946, Babe Pratt becomes the first NHL player to get suspended for betting on the games.
  • Televised Hockey

    Televised Hockey
    First television debut of "Hockey Night" in Canada.
  • NHL Player's Association & Televised Hockey in the U.S.

    NHL Player's Association & Televised Hockey in the U.S.
    The first NHL Player's Association is formed in 1957. Detroit's very own Ted Lindsay was president of the association. Soonafter, the owners crush the organization and the Red Wings trade Lindsay to the last place Chicago Black Hawks.
    Also this year, CBS becomes the first U.S. television network to carry NHL games.
  • First Black Player of Ice Hockey

    First Black Player of Ice Hockey
    The Boston Bruin's player Willie O'Ree was the first black player in the NHL.
  • First Hockey Goalie Mask Created

    First Hockey Goalie Mask Created
    Fibreglass Canada worked with the Canadiens Goalie Jaques Plante to develop the first-ever hockey goalie mask in 1960.
  • The Hockey Hall of Fame

    The Hockey Hall of Fame
    The Hockey Hall of Fame opens in Toronto.
  • NHL Growing in Size

    NHL Growing in Size
    By this time in history, the NHL doubled in size by adding franchises in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Oakland, St. Louis and Philadelphia.
  • Big Year for Hockey

    Big Year for Hockey
    The World Hockey Association begins to play, outbidding NHL teams for several star players. Bobby Hull becomes hockey's first million-dollar man when he leaves the Chicago Black Hawks and signs a 10-year, $2.75 million contract with the WHA's Winnipeg Jets. Also, the Atlanta Flames and New York Islanders join the NHL and the Summit Series puts up the best Canadian professionals against the best from the Soviet Union for the first time.
  • Soviets Start Their Winning Streak

    Soviets Start Their Winning Streak
    Starting in 1984, the Soviet Union doesn't lose a game for over four years and sweeps through the Sarajevo Olympics undefeated. They then claim their sixth Olympic gold. Canada makes up for its 1981 defeat by winning this year’s Canada Cup.
  • Women's Hockey Becomes an Olympic Sport

    Women's Hockey Becomes an Olympic Sport
    Women's ice hockey became a true Olympic medal sport for the first time at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.
  • Drama on the Ice

    Drama on the Ice
    One of the most dramatic final games in Olympic hockey history occured when Canada beat the USA 3-2 in overtime and Sidney Crosby's goal stole the gold medal for the win on the home ice in Vancouver.