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History of Soccer

  • Native American Origins of Soccer

    Native American Origins of Soccer
    Soccer Timeline
    In North America, native American Indians in the original Jamestown settlement played a game called pasuckuakohowog, meaning "they gather to play ball with the foot." It was a rough game, played the beach, the field a half-mile wide with goals 1 mile apart, with as many as 1000 players at a time.
  • College Sets Rules

    College Sets Rules
    Soccer timeline
    In the USA, football was played among the Northeastern universities and colleges of Harvard, Princeton, Amherst and Brown.
  • No Competition in the U.S

    No Competition in the U.S
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    Many American colleges played soccer, but there was no intercollegiate competition. Rules were casual and changed often
  • FootBall Asscoiation

    FootBall Asscoiation
    Soccer Timline
    October 26 of 1863, the Football Association was formed when eleven London schools and clubs came together at the Freemason's Tavern to establish a single set of rules to administer any football match that were to be played among them. On December 8 1863, Association Football and Rugby Football finally split onto two different organizations.
  • Rules Official Everywhere

    Rules Official Everywhere
    Soccer timeline
    The rules were further standardized and a new version was adopted by all the schools, college and universities, known as the Cambridge Rules.
  • First Soccer Club Formed in USA

    First Soccer Club Formed in USA
    Soccer timeline
    The first soccer club formed anywhere outside of England was the Oneida Football Club, Boston USA.
  • Rules Changed Once Again

    Rules Changed Once Again
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    The Football Association rules were further amended to exclude any handling of the ball.
  • First Game is Played

    First Game is Played
    Soocer Timeline
    The first official international football match was played, between the national teams of Scotland and England, played in Glasgow Scotland. The game was played on 30 November 1872, and finished with a 0-0 draw.
  • Uniforms Introduced

    Uniforms Introduced
    Soccer Timeline
    The four British associations agreed on a uniform code and formed the International Football Association Board.
  • First Game Outside of Great Britian

    First Game Outside of Great Britian
    Soocer Timeline
    The first international match played by teams outside of Great Britain was between USA and Canada, played in Newark and ended with Canada winning 1-0.
  • Penalty Kick

    Penalty Kick
    Soccer Timeline
    Introduction of the penalty kick.
  • Olypmics

    Sococer Timeline
    Soccer played the Olympic Games for the first time
  • FIFA is Established

    FIFA is Established
    Soccer Timeline
    Establishment of FIFA by delegates from France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland at a meeting in Paris on the 21st of May.
  • First World Cup

    First World Cup
    Soocer Timline
    The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) held soccer's first World Cup tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay, with 13 teams.
  • Soocer Removed from Olympics

    Soocer Removed from Olympics
    Soocer Timeline
    Soccer was taken off the program for the Olympic games in Los Angeles, due to a controversy between FIFA and the IOC over the definition of amateur and the reluctance of many strong soccer countries to travel the US because of the expense involved.
  • Youth Championship

    Youth Championship
    Soccer Timeline
    The U.S. Under-20 National Team competed in its first World Youth Championship in Australia. The U.S. team lost to Uruguay 3-0, tied Qatar 1-1, and lost to Poland 4-0.
  • U.S Wants To Host World Cup

    U.S Wants To Host World Cup
    Soccer Timeline
    The United States made a formal bid to host the 1986 World Cup. The MISL season opened with 14 teams, including three teams participating for a season from the NASL (San Jose, Chicago and San Diego).
  • FIFA Says No

    FIFA Says No
    Soocer Timeline
    FIFA awarded the 1986 World Cup to Mexico, rejecting the U.S. bid.
  • USL Is Formed

    USL Is Formed
    Soccer Timeline
    The United Soccer League (USL) was formed. The ASL canceled what would have been its 50th season. Four NASL teams permanently joined the MISL (New York, Chicago, San Diego and Minnesota). The American Indoor Soccer Association (AISA) was formed.

    Soccer Timeline
    The Western Soccer Alliance (WSA) kicked off with seven teams. At the UNICEF All-Star game in Pasadena, Calif., FIFA officials suggested the USA should bid for the ‘94 World Cup.
  • Womens World Cup Won In China

    Womens World Cup Won In China
    Soccer Timeline
    The inaugural Women's World Cup in 1991 in China was won by the United States
  • Womens Team Wins at Olympics

    Womens Team Wins at Olympics
    Soccer Timeline
    The American women's team won the first-ever women's soccer event at the Olympics.