Soccer ball


  • College Soccer

    College Soccer
    U.S. Soccer Timeline Many colleges had already played soccer they just didn't have competition.
  • First Soccer Ball

    First Soccer Ball
    Oldest Soccer Ball e oldest soccer ball was designed and built by Charles Goodyear.It is made with vulcanized rubber panels then glued them together.
  • How It Started?

    How It Started?
    Classic Football This all begin in England.There is evidence from scientist that playing soccer was a exersice from a military manual back in the second and third centuries BC in China.
  • Soccer in Schools!

    Soccer in Schools!
    A Football Timeline Eleven schools in London and clubs came together at the Freemason's Tavern to come up with a new set of rules,
  • Offside Rule

    Offside Rule' >Original Offside Rule</a> The FA had made a decision, where an attaker would be called an offside if you are infront of the third-last defender.
  • First Soccer Club

    First Soccer Club
    Sheffield Wednesday F.C. sheffield was the first soccer club ever.. This team went professional in 1887.
  • Uniform Code

    Uniform Code
    A Football Time Four British associations agreed on a uniform code and actually formed the International Football Association Board.
  • 1st Soccer game outside of Great Britaim

    1st Soccer game outside of Great Britaim
    A Football Timeline The first soccer game outside Great Britain was between USA and Canada it was p layed in Newmark.
  • Indoor Soccer!

    Indoor Soccer!
    Early Indoor Soccer Indoor soccer came along. Playing indoor is the same thing as playing soccer the only difference is that you dont play outside in the field you play it somewhere where it looks like a gym but still has the marklines.
  • First Indoor Game

    First Indoor Game
    Early Indoor Soccer The first indoor game was played. A team from Ontario had played with a team from newmark ,NJ.
  • Introduction Of The Penalty Kick

    Introduction Of The Penalty Kick
    Penalty Kick You are given a penalty kick if any of the ten offences is effected by a player inside his own penalty area.One player takes the free shot at the goal.The penalty spot is located 12 yards away.
  • FIFA

    Modern History of Soccer FIFA was established in 1904!
  • FIFA Becomes a Member of the IFAB

    FIFA Becomes a Member of the IFAB
    How it Works How International Football Association Board (IFAB) works is that they discuss or decide the laws of the game.Thats when FIFA finally joined in.
  • USA Team

    USA Team
    U.S. Soccer Timeline The first USA team traveled out of the country to Norway ans Sweden to play six matches.
  • Changes in Offside -

    Changes in Offside -
    Laws of The Game The offside rule changed from three to two players.
  • First World Cup

    First World Cup
    A Football Timeline FIFA held a soccer's first world cup tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay, with only 13 teams.
  • Substitutes

    Laws of The Game Substitutes are permitted for the first time.This is used when the goalkeeper or a player is injured.
  • Ballon d'Or

    Ballon d'Or
    Ballon d'Or The Ballon d'Or is a golden ball. An award that is given Anually, this award is given to the player that best performed the previous year.
  • Yellow & Red Cards

    Yellow & Red Cards
    Laws of The Game When they first started using yellow and red cards was in the finals of the FIFA world cup finals.
  • World Cup In Mexico

    World Cup In Mexico
    U.S. Soccer Timeline The world cup was played in mexico.
  • Olympics

    Olympics ccer was played at the Olympics game for the first time.
  • Back-Passes

    Laws of The Game The year where the goalkeeper was prohibit from handing back-passes.
  • Technical Area

    Technical Area
    The Technical Area The technical area is a place in the stadium where the staff and substitues sit.
  • Womens Olympics

    Womens Olympics
    A Football Timeline The womens american team won for the first time in the Olymoics.
  • Linesmen Renamed

    Linesmen Renamed
    Laws of The Game The linesmen are renamed as assistant referees.
  • Professional Women's League

    Professional Women's League
    Soccer For Women in The US e first professional women's league was created in the US
  • Equipment

    The Players' Equipment the year of 2004 FIFA made a new law that the jersey's must have sleeves and tha advertising can only be in the jerseys not the shorts, socks or shoes.
  • Corner-Kick

    The Corner-Kick 2006 FIFA made a new law abour corner kicks. The opponent needs to be alteast 10 yards from the corner arc until the ball is played.
  • Changing Names!

    Changing Names!
    U.S. Soccer Timeline The USFA changed its name to the U.S. Soccer Football Association or USSFA.
  • College Making rules

    College Making rules
    A Football Timeline Eton college in England made a couple of rules for the game.