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History Real Betis

  • Sevilla Balompié

    Sevilla Balompié
    In 1907, a group of students from the Polytechnic School came together to organize a new football club in Seville. The name chosen by the youth group was "Sevilla Balompié".
  • Period: to

    First years

  • Betis Foot-ball Club

    Betis Foot-ball Club
    In 1909, Betis Foot-ball Club was found. The name is derived from Baetis, the Roman name for the Guadalquivir river which passes through Seville.
  • Copa de Sevilla

    Copa de Sevilla
    In 1910, they became the first winner of the 'Copa de Sevilla', a condition that was revalidated until 1913. They also participated in the first edition of the Copa de Andalucia in 1910.
  • Real Betis Balompié

    Real Betis Balompié
    In 1914 was proclaimed again champion of Seville and modified its name, "Sevilla Balompié", for "Real Betis Balompié", after they got fused with Betis Foot-ball Club. All this promoted by Papa Jones, an English crazy about football. 'Real' was added in 1914 after the club received patronage from King Alfonso XIII.
  • Near to the dissapearance

    Near to the dissapearance
    After winning once again the 'Copa de Sevilla' in 1915, the team began a decade of slow decline in which they were near to the disappearance, as they didn't have money.
  • Andalusia championship

    Andalusia championship
    In 1924, they started improving their results, winning the cup of Andalusia in 1928.
  • Second Division

    Second Division
    When in 1929, the National League Championship was created, Real Betis Balompié was a consolidated club, which started playing in Second Division.
  • Period: to

    Golden Age and failure

  • First Division

    First Division
    With the arrival of the 30s, Betis became the first southern team to reach the final of the Spanish Cup and the 3rd of April 1932 they became champions of Second Division, was, for this reason, the first Andalusian club to get promoted to the First Division of Spain.
  • League title

    League title
    In the 1934-35 season, and under the direction of Patrick O'Connell, they won the League.
  • Second Division

    Second Division
    The consequences of the Civil War were devastating, the war left the club without effective. The 28th of April 1940, five years after their first league title, Betis got relegated to Second Division.
  • First Divison

    First Divison
    Two years later the relgation, they briefly return to the First Division
  • Second Division

    Second Division
    The team got relegated again and it was not until 15 years later that they will play again in the Fisrt Division
  • Third Division

    Third Division
    In Santander on the 13th of April 1947, Real Betis lost 4-1 against Racing and got relegated to the Third Division of Spain.
  • Period: to

    10 years in Third Division

    You can hardly understand what is Betis without mentioning the 10 years playing in Third Division because then, the club and its fans found a hallmark that still accompanies the team today.
  • ¡Viva er Beti manquepierda!

    ¡Viva er Beti manquepierda!
    In the 50s, the club caught the sympathy of all Spain: ¡Viva er Beti manquepierda! became a famous call, due to the journalist and cartoonist Martinez de León, who put into the mouth of his character Oselito this legendary phrase.
  • Second DIvision

    Second DIvision
    Betis got over those years with the help of its fans, getting the team back to the Second Division in 1954, gaining fame for filling their stadium and the "green march" on the road.
  • Back to First Division

    Back to First Division
    It was not until five years later, on June the 1st 1958, when Betis were promoted to the First Division. The experience in Third Division strengthened the club and added another oddity: being the only team that holds the titles of champion of First, Second and Third Division.
  • Carranza Trophy

    Carranza Trophy
    The team beated Benfica 2-0 in the final.
  • Second Division

    Second Division
    The club suffered the march of Benito Villamarin, president after 10 years, and the relegation to the Second Division. Betis suffered consecutive ascents and descents until consolidated in the First Divison in 1974.
  • UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

    UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
    That same year, Betis reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, after winning AC Milan.
  • Copa del Rey

    Copa del Rey
    On the 25th of June 1977, Betis won the Copa del Rey at the Vicente Calderon Stadium.
  • Second Division

    Second Division
    After a year of glory they got unexpectedly relegated to Second Division
  • "Eurobetis"

    Back to First Division in 1979, the "Eurobetis" got qualified for the UEFA Cup in 1982 and 1984 and runner-up in the League Cup in 1986.
  • Promotion achieved

    Promotion achieved
    In 1994, after 3 years in the Second Division promotion was achieved. In the first season after the promotion, Betis was the surprise team and finished third in the league.
  • Final of the Copa del Rey

    Final of the Copa del Rey
    In the 1996-97 season repeats in the top four and reach the final of the Copa del Rey, however, they lost against Madrid 3-2.
  • Period: to

    Last 15 years

  • Promotion and UEFA Cup qualification

    Promotion and UEFA Cup qualification
    In 2000, they got relegated to second division. Returning the following season and qualify for the UEFA Cup.
  • Copa del Rey title

    Copa del Rey title
    In 2005, the club finished in fourth place, qualifying for playing the preliminary of the Champions League, and they won the Copa del Rey at the Vicente Calderon.
    In August of that same year, they became the first Andalusian team that qualified for the Champions League
  • Second Division

    Second Division
    After eight consecutive years in the First Division, the team got relegated for the eleventh time. On June, the 15th more than 60,000 betis fans in Seville, and dozens in Spain came together under the slogan "For your dignity and your future".
  • Promotion to First Division

    Promotion to First Division
    In the 2010-11 season the promotion is achieved, and the arrival to the quarterfinals at the Copa de Rey.
  • Miki Roqué

    Miki Roqué
    The 24th of June 2012 the Betis player Miki Roque died because of cancer announced 15 months ago, the club eventually removed the dorsal 26 in his honor.
  • Europa League qualification

    Europa League qualification
    In the 2012-13 season, the team gets qualify for the Europa League after seven years without disputing European competitions.
  • Relegation and Promotion

    Relegation and Promotion
    The following season Betis suffer a coaching change on two occasions, they would get eliminated from UEFA Europa League and relegated. In 2014-15, they would get crowned champions of the Second Division with 84 points.