History of World Cup Soccer

By Gogaj
  • Uruguay kicks things off

    Uruguay kicks things off
    Uruguay was where the very first World Cup was held and where Uruguay won there first and only World Cup.
  • Off to Europe

    Off to Europe
    The following next World Cup, Italy was the next champion to win due to a plane crash that killed almost all of the Uruguayan team which made them disqualified from the tourament.
  • Repeat Champions

    Repeat Champions
    The World Cup was held in Europe again which led to some boycotts in South America but Italy won beating Czechoslovakia 2-1
  • Period: to

    World War II

    During this period, the war kept all international enterntainment resticted for public until the war was over
  • Back into Action

    Back into Action
    Due to WWII, there was no international sport. It came back in the 50s when the war ended. Uruguay won the World Cup against Brazil 2-1 and the Brazilian fans that came there to watch tore down the stadium because of the loss.
  • Tons and Tons of Goals

    Tons and Tons of Goals
    During this World Cup, there was the most goals recorded in World Cup history with 140 goals scored. West Germany beat Hungary 3-2 stunned the favorites.
  • The World met Pele

    The World met Pele
    Pele, he is ranked in history as the best football player in history. He led Brazil winning the World Cup against Sweden 5-2. Being only 17 years old.
  • Brazil Again

    Brazil Again
    With Pele on their team, there was no one who could stop them from winning. Beating Czechoslovakia 2-1
  • England finally prevails

    England finally prevails
    With North Korea beating Italy and England historically beating Brazil. England had a clear shot at winning the World Cup and finally doing it by beating West Germany 4-2.
  • The peak of Brazil

    The peak of Brazil
    In the the last World Cup won by Pele beating Uruguay, West Germany, and finally Italy which marked the end for Pele but known for winning the most World Cups.
  • Total Football

    Total Football
    The Netherland led by Johan Cruyff told the press that they were going to win because they were the only team that could play "Total Football." But ironically they lost in the final against West Germany 2-1.
  • Argentina First

     Argentina First
    The World Cup this year was held in Argentina where they won their first World Cup beating Holland 3-1.
  • A growing field

    A growing field
    For the first time, the amount of teams to qualify was added to 24 teams which gave more teams a chance to win the World Cup. But the finalists weren't any different. Italy won the World Cup beating West Germany 3-1. Having won 3 World Cup tieing up with Brazil
  • Maradona Rises

    Maradona Rises
    Maradona, only Pele and Maradona are the arguments for the best player in history are. Beating West Germany 3-2.
  • World is watching

    World is watching
    This World Cup was the most watched in history. West Germany Won this one 1-0 against Argentina.
  • US hosts the World Cup

    US hosts the World Cup
    The very first time and last time currently US hosted the World Cup. It finally came down to the two of the most talked about teams in soccer, Brazil and Italy. Brazil won the World Cup beating Italy in Penalty Kicks which was the first final which had to come down to PK's.
  • Vive la France

    Vive la France
    France came to host the World Cup and won it by beaing Italy in the semi-finals and then beating Brazil in the finals 2-0.
  • Fab Five for Brazil

    Fab Five for Brazil
    the World Cup being hosted in Asia, Japan and South Korea made it pretty far but not far enough to the final. Brazil and West Germany made it and Brazil winning 2-0 winning their 5th World Cup leading everyone with the most wins.
  • An Azzurri Cup

    An Azzurri Cup
    This World Cup final was one of the most intense games being held in Italy. It was against Italy and France. It was down to the last penalty kick in the penalty kick shoot-out which was done so by Italy.
  • Spain the conquistedors

    Spain the conquistedors
    The most current World Cup that was held in South Africa was against Spain and Holland. This game was sent into overtime and Spain managed to win by winning 1-0.
  • Coming out soon to theaters

    Coming out soon to theaters
    This World Cup is coming out soon. Being hosted in Brazil.