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FIFA World Cup.

  • The first FIFA world cup.

    The first FIFA world cup.
    [Classic Footbal History ](The FIFA Congress in Barcelona in 1929 assigned Uruguay as first host country of the FIFA World Cup ) First world cup hosted by FIFA.
  • First Host

    First Host
    Classic Footbal History The FIFA Congress in Barcelona in 1929 assigned Uruguay as first host country of the FIFA World Cup
  • Opening

    Classic Footbal History The opening match was Estadio Centenario in Montevideo.
  • Secont Host

    Secont Host
    Classic Football History FIFA chose Italy as second country to host the world cup.
  • Winners

    FIFA world cup Italy became winners after a 2-1 match with Czechoslovakia
  • France 1938

    France 1938
    FIFA world cup The third FIFA World Cup was hosted in France with Italy been the winners for the second time.
  • The 4 world cup.

    The 4 world cup.
    Classic Football The 4 World cup was cancel due to World War II
  • Brazil 1950

    Brazil 1950
    FIFA world cup Brazil baceme the 4th Country to host the wrold cup with Uruguay taking the winner title for the second time.
  • Switzerland 1954

    Switzerland 1954
    FIFA World Cup For the first time ever West Germany became world champions .
  • Sweden 1958

    Sweden 1958
    FIFA World Cup The Brazilians won their first World Cup.
  • Chile 1962

    Chile 1962
    FIFA World Cup Chile had won the right to host this world cup but din't won it
    the Brazilians took the price home for the second time.
  • England 1966

    England 1966
    FIFA World Cup Englands first chance to the world cup host.
  • Mexico 1970

    Mexico 1970
    FIFA World Cup The world cup was fisrt time broadcast in color around the wlobe.
  • Germany 1974

    Germany 1974
    FIFA World Cup Germany's first time to host the World Cup and also second times winners while then been the host.
  • Argentina 1978

    Argentina 1978
    FIFA World Cup Fisrt time host first time winner with final score of 3-1
    deffeting Netherlands.
  • Spain 1982

    Spain 1982
    FIFA World Cup Italy became world champions for the third time with a 3-1 victory over Germany.
  • Mexico 1986

    Mexico 1986
    FIFA World Cup Mexico became the first country ever to host two World Cups.
  • Italy 1990

    Italy 1990
    FIFA World Cup Italy second World Cup host, also the revange of Germany agaings Argentina, Germany winning with a final score od 1-0
  • USA 1994

    USA 1994
    FIFA World Cup FIFA 15th World Cup even with a sad lost for Italy by lossing in the penalties shoots agaings Brazil.
  • France 1998

    France 1998
    FIFA World Cup France the father of the FIFA World Cup had won the Cup in their own house game.
  • Korea/Japan 2002

    Korea/Japan  2002
    FIFA World Cup Japan had the chance altought this was not a country of major football leagues or fans. This also gave Brazil their 5th champinshit becoming top country with most World Cup won in football history.
  • Germany 2006

    Germany 2006
    FIFA World Cup Italy defeted Germany in penalties times after a 1-1 draw.
  • South Africa 2010

    South Africa 2010
    FIFA World Cup First African nation to be the host with Spain first time winner of a World Cup by winning over the Netherlands at 1-0.
  • Germany

    FIFA Germany ranks #2 in FIFA records and also my favorite teram.
  • Maxico

    FIFA Mexico ranks # 21 not so good but we still have a chnace.
  • Spain

    Spain is the best team in the nation by ranking #1 in FIFA.
  • Brazil

    FIFA The host for this years world cup is rank # 10
  • Brazil 2014

    Brazil 2014
    FIFA World Cup This is the World Cup every football fan is waiting for to see who takes the Cup home. With a opening match of Brazil vs Croatia.
  • Russia 2018

    Russia 2018
    FIFA World Cup The FIFA Executive Committee has chosen Russia to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  • Qatar 2022

    Qatar 2022
    FIFA World Cup It has been announced that Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.