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  • hometown and first lineup

    hometown and first lineup
    the band was formed in 1996 but it was until 1997 when it was
    already recognized as such, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León. His first line-up was composed of José Madero (voice and rhythmic guitar), Jorge Garza, better known as "Ongi" (lead guitar and secondary voice), Ricardo Treviño (bass) and David Castillo (drums). (after several rehearsals and presentations, Castillo leaves and Kro enters the drums)
  • first album

    first album
    His first album titled "Arroz con leche" was released, which went completely unnoticed by the media and the general public, but it was used to start playing on local radios or very small festivals
  • The beginning of punk in Mexico and of a band called "panda"

    The beginning of punk in Mexico and of a band called "panda"
    It was not until 2002 with their second album entitled La revancha del príncipe charro, that they began to become fairly well known, in part thanks to the single Maracas which is a cover by the Mexican composer Joan Sebastian. Thanks to the "moderate" success of their second album, the label decides to reissue Arroz con leche, this time including a VCD with all the music videos for the album and a new art.
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    EMO era

    the release of this album was the guideline for this era in Mexico and many EMO groups such as "Allison", "Division Minuscula" and other bands emerge
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    the controversy

    Throughout the years the band went through several scandals, almost all by plagiarism by the singer-songwriter José Madero, and which caused the band to be known for copying North American bands such as Fall out boy, my chemical romance, Blink 182 and of more EMO bands of the moment, that's why their fast departure from AMANTES SUNT AMENTES
  • from being against the system to being depressed and being called EMO

    from being against the system to being depressed and being called EMO
    The "Para tí con Desprecio" was an initiative of the vocalist José Madero because they left him standing on the altar (or at least that's what the legend says) and in this way explain the gender change
  • Amantes Sunt amentes

    Amantes Sunt amentes
    the most depressing album and which had a success just like the previous one and which only reached 2 things
    1: solidify the band
    2: don't let emo culture die
  • Sinfonia Soledad

    Sinfonia Soledad
    This album was released on the market on November 30, 2007, which is the recording of a concert offered by the band at the National Auditorium. In said material the unpublished songs "No te deseo el mal ...pero tampoco te deseo el bien" and "Nunca Nadie Nos Podrá Parar (gracias)" are included.
  • from being EMO to criticizing religion

    from being EMO to criticizing religion
    In mid-2008, José Madero traveled to Maine in the United States for the composition of a new studio album. In order to innovate with respect to previous albums, the concept of this album is a bit different from the heartbreak issues that the band had been handling. The album tells us the internal factors that lead to the self-destruction of the human being, based on the biblical apocalypse and the seven deadly sins.
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    curious fact

    despite the fact that the POETICS was written in 2008 not until 2010 when it was decided to launch, but here there were already spoilers for the separation of the band since this album was not recorded together, because José Madero sent the lyrics sung by email and the others in Mexico recorded their parts
  • compilation discs (2000-2004) (2000-2008)

    compilation discs  (2000-2004) (2000-2008)
    These two discs (2000-2004 and 2005-2008) went on sale on November 18, 2008, both simultaneously in much of Mexico. They are a compilation of his greatest hits, plus a DVD included in each of the discs with his singles, but in videography. Not much was known about these albums since the band had them planned as a surprise to their fans.

    In late 2010, the band had plans to release the song "Martirio de Otro" as the fourth single from their album Poetics and to continue promoting the album, however an offer by the video channel MTV Latin America to record an acoustic concert by the MTV Unplugged line makes them change their plans and begin with the production and the new musical arrangements that the songs on the album would bring.

    the album would be called Bonanza, that it would contain 13 songs and that despite the fact that the style was going to remember those "friendlier" sounds that the group handled in their first two albums, the theme of the lyrics would continue to the same line of his last albums. This one in particular, would focus on José Madero and his failed experiences.
  • con la Sangre Fria

    con la Sangre Fria
    the sound of the album, you can notice a louder and faster Panda than in his two previous albums, in addition to having a varied sound, which recalls each and every one of his albums. Given this, José Madero has expressed that the album could be considered a mixture between Bonanza and Para ti with contempt, resulting in the opinion of many fans, something very similar to what the group wanted to achieve with Bonanza and that in the end it was not accomplished entirely in this one.
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    What happened to the members?

    Now José Madero is a soloist singer and he is very successful, he currently has 4 albums recorded in the studio and he has finally achieved a National Auditorium by himself, and the other 3 members have a desert drive band, still in the process of reaching something big
  • the end and a new beginning

    the end and a new beginning
    after 16 years of uninterrupted career they decided to take an indefinite "break" and doing a farewell tour playing for the last time on February 28, 2016, at CDMX and that's why the coronavirus is not going to kill me, because I died that 28 February when PXNDX left