The Spanish Succession Time Line

  • Louis XIV’s successor

    Louis XIV’s successor
    After the death of the Spanish Habsburg King Charles II on 1 November 1700, his last will designated Louis XIV’s second grandson Philip Duc d’Anjou as his successor.
  • Period: to

    The war

    The war started with a surprising Austrian offensive by Prince Eugen in Italy in 1701 and an Anglo Dutch offensive on the lower Rhine and Meuse under Marlborough in 1702. Bavaria then joined France in September 1702, and Savory and Portugal joined the Alliance.
  • The gran alliance

    The gran alliance
    In September 1701, the grand alliance of the Hague was formed between the United Provinces, England and Emperor Leopold I, who had declared war in spring and thus started the War of the Spanish Succession.
  • Final victory

    Final victory
    From 1706 onwards the question of how and when to make peace and on what terms would dominate politics. To most of the contemporary observesLouis XIV scored a final victory at the negotiation table when peace was made in Utrecht in March and April of 1713, creating the Treaty of Utrecht.
  • Treaty of Utrecht.

    Treaty of Utrecht.