The South Asian Struggle for Independence

  • Rabindranath Tagore is born in Kolkata, in Bengal, India

  • Period: to

    Leadership in India's Independance

  • Mohandas Gandhi is born in Porbandar, India

  • Tagore becomes known as the "Bengali Shelley" due to his impressive writings skills

  • Subhas Chandra is born in Bengal, India

  • Tagore tries to reunite Brahmo Samaj, but fails

  • Tagore recieves a Nobel Prize for Gitanjali, becoming the first asian to ever do so

  • Tagore becomes apart of the British Knighthood

  • The Amitsar Massacre causes Tagore to give up British Knighthood in show of support of protest

  • Bose was arrested for his participation in the nationalistic movement

  • Bose became actively involved in the government of Kolkata

  • Bose was elected President of the Bengal government

  • Gandhi and 78 of his followers marched 240 miles to the coast of India—This became known as the Salt March

  • India gained its Independence from British rule

  • Gandhi was shot three times and instantly died