The Sound of Thunder Timeline

  • Eckels Meets Travis

    The nervous man, Eckels approaches a sign about the Time Safari, it reads of the mission of the time safari to go any where you please. Eckels questions the sign, and starts talking to Travis about what to expect on the safari. They discuss the current president and jokingly talk about the time machine.
  • Eckels discusses the Future with Travis

    Once, Eckels signs the form and Travis bids Eckels a warning that the dinosaurs can kill him, and that they aren't responsible if he dies. Eckels disregards this, and gets angry that Travis is trying to scare him.
  • Time Safari: Land before Time

    Eckels, Travis and Lesperance and two other hunters, all arrive at the time of the dinosaurs. They apporoach the jungle staying on the metal path created to keep trouble from happening. Travis explains which animals they can shoot, and why they can shoot them.
  • Out of the Time Machine

    The group leaves the Time Machine and start looking around the dense jungle. Eckels is focused on shooting the Tyrannousarus however, not really listening to Travis's precautions. They approach the T-Rex, but the T-Rex hasn't seen them yet.
  • The Monster Majesty Approaches

    Travis spots the dinosaur, "Royal Majesty" as its coming towards them. Eckels is frightented by the stature of the creature and its deathly menacing appearance. Eckels freaks out, and tries to back out of the deal. He tries to hide, and falls off the metal path in fear of the monster.
  • Period: to

    Past to Present

  • The Beast is Dead

    The terrible monster dies by the gigantic tree, orginally supposed to kill the horrid creature, Lesperance asks Eckels if he wants a trophy picture, but Eckels doesn't want it.
  • The Near Death of Eckels

    Since Eckels left the metal path, Travis is enraged he bitterly scolds Eckels, and tells him to leave the Time Machine. Eckels insists however Travis insists on him staying and dying there. Eventually, they go back to the Present, Travis still glaring at Eckels,
  • Eckels Realizes the Change

    The men leave the time machine, Travis still unassured that things will be the same as they left it, Eckels enters the same room, which now is ...slightly different. The sign however catches his eye the most and as he reads, now completely nonsense. He asks who became president, and it is Deutcher, not Keith. Eckels is shaking, and trembling shocked by the change just because he stepped of the path. Now, Eckels is fearing his death, but more specifically the consequences of impulsive actions.
  • The Butterfly Effect

    As Eckels trembles in a chair, he looks at his shoes...caked in dirt lies a very dead butterfly. Eckels moans realizing what happened, and regrets it fervently. He asks for the time machine to bring things back to the way they were---unfortunately, it can't.
  • Eckels is Dead

    Travis comes out of the machine, Eckels hears him and trembles in fear, knowing what is about to come next. Travis pulls out his rifle and shoots Eckels dead.