Flag raising

The Settlement Of Australia

  • The Arrival of the first Fleet

    Up until Now the land of Sydney was occupied by Gdiga or Eora people
  • Mutiny Breaks Out

    Bligh and a few others are Cast adrift on a small boat which eventually made it to timor
  • Francis Gose is appointed lieutenant governor

  • William Paterson is appointed Lieutenant governor

    -replacing Francis Grose
  • New Governo Of new South Whales, John Hunter Arrives

  • Phillip King Becomes Governor

    -replacing John Hunter
  • Land Is Suggested to be named Australia

    Mathew Fliders returns from his extraordinary voyage around New Holland and proposes the land be called, Australia
  • The beginning of the Black war

    Death of Aboriginal people at Ridson Cove
  • William Bligh becomes Governor

    -replacing Phillip King
  • The Arrest of Governor Bligh, John Johnston becomes Lieutenant Governor

    he is arrested and overthrown during the Rum Rebellion and a new governor is annointed
  • Governor Lachlan Macquarie is appointed Governor

  • First Common Currency

    the 'ring dollar' and the 'dump' become New South Whales New currency
  • Maquarie declares Martial Law

  • Thomas Brisbane becomes Governor

    Replacing Lachlan Macquarie
  • Governor Ralph Darling replaces Thomas Brisbane

  • Van Diemens land becomes a seperate colony

  • Governor Darling resigns