The Secret within-justin

By Room115
  • find carly

    eveybody was look for carly
  • the spokeout

    Carly and her mom finally tell the truth about vinnie what be doing in the cellar.
  • the end

    Vinnie in jail and Carly's mother got commity service
  • Introduction

    The character this little girl name Carly and this boy name nick
  • stalker

    somepeople stalker carly around the beach
  • carly first day sneak out at night

    carly sneak out the house for the first at night. She got a job a newstand
  • margo

    margo try to get nick to talk carly.
  • Theif

    This time went Aileen steal alot of make-up.
  • n and c

    The first time Nick and Carly hang out
  • 60 min

    carly have to carry two boxes in 60 min
  • Eddie son

    Eddie tell carly about his son he never meet
  • stalker part 2

    Carly tell Nick and Angela somebody follow her around.
  • hide and seek

    Carly and Nick hide under the boardwal the bridge.
  • Sand

    Nick throw sand in Mr.Jenkins and Mr.Fitzgerald to get off carly.
  • Aileen

    Aileen want what the tall man said to Carly .
  • candy store

    nick came to Carly's family candy store .
  • Secret

    Eddie tell carly what his son name is Frankie Marzano.
  • Chapter 20

    Carly find in the box stacks bills.
  • chapter 21

    Carly the stacks bill was fake.
  • church

    Carly went to Catholic Church.
  • Cellar

    Carly try to see what is going in the cellar.
  • fall

    Carly and her dad fall out the roof.
  • Aileen

    Aileen try to get lie to the police.
  • The Truth

    Vinnie said to carly tell them it was a little mistakes