The Rise of Political Parties in Canada & the World

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    The Rise of Political Parties in Canada & the World

  • United Farmers aka progessive party

  • WLMK elected P.M.

  • Arthur Meighan Conservative leader

  • Mussolini takes power in Italy

  • Liberals form minority government with progressive party

  • Liberals win minority government (WLMK)

  • Tim Buck (leader of communist party of canada)

  • conservatives RB Bennett win with conservative party

  • Social Credit party lead by William Aberhart

  • CCF (cooperative common wealth party) lead by J.S. Woodworth

  • Union national party lead by Maurice Duplessis

  • R.B. Bennet becomes PM "Five cent speech"

  • FDR introduces "new deal"

  • Germany ruled by Hitler

  • WLMK becomes P.M. agian

  • JS Woodsworth tries to eraticate capitalism

  • WLMK becomes PM again

  • Britain declared war

  • Hideki Tojo Japanese leader

  • Us leader FDR

  • Hitler breaks pact with Stalin

  • Yelat conference

    meeting between stalin. churchill, and rosevelt
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau becomes PM (Liberal)

  • Brian Mulroney Becomes PM (comservative)