The Rise of Intercollegiate Sports. By: Jonathon Lund

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  • First InterCollegiate Sport Match

    First InterCollegiate Sport Match
    At English universities such as Oxford and Cambridge students, many who had belonged to private rowing clubs in their youth. Made teams that would race in regattas on the Thames river and soon in events in England and beyond.
  • Period: to

    Early Time of Intercollegiate Sports

  • First Intercollegiate match in America

    First Intercollegiate match in America
    In the summer of 1852 a small New England railroad sponsered a race between crews from Harvard and Yale on Lake Winnipesaukee. To promote the White Mountins area as a summer resort.
  • First Intercollegiate Baseball Game

    First Intercollegiate Baseball Game
    In 1859, the first recorded intercollegiate baseball game was between Amherst and Williams. In which Amherst beat Williams by the score of 73-32. This would lead to the game expansion as more and more people got into basball. Some college teams such as Yale became so good they would play major non-college teams and sometimes pros and won 44 out of 55 games in the summer of 1870.
  • Harvard vs. Oxford

    Harvard vs. Oxford
    Although Harvard lost the race to the better trained and prepared Oxford team. The race between the the two universities spawned the formation of a new rowing association in 1870. The new Rowing association of America included sixteen universities and a new age of competitive college sports in America.
  • First Track and Feild association.

    First Track and Feild association.
    In 1876 the first organized track and field formed the INtercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletics of America( IC4A). The organization sought to regulate competitions by having the prize be standard for winners and to have its annual games at the New YorkAthletic Club at Mott Haven.
  • "Father of Football"

    "Father of Football"
    Walter Camp the "Father of Football" started as a player on the Yale squad from 1875 to 1882. But in 1880 Camp persuaded the rules committie to adopt a revolutionary way of putting the ball into play. The new rules created a line of scrimmage and the Offensive team could maintain possesion until fumbled or kicked to the other team. A year later in 1881 Camp proposed the down system for the offesnive team to have three attempts to gain five yards on the opposing team.
  • Rivalry and Pagentry

    Rivalry and Pagentry
    By the 1890's many colleges had begun to start rivalries with other schools and battled for trophies with such rivals . Also many schools and students have begun to be invested more in the football team as well as the community.
  • Football popularizes college sports.

    Football popularizes college sports.
    By 1905 college sports have arrived, tradition has taken root, and sports have been refined. And thanks to the college game Football had become one of America's favorite sports. And according to a study from that same year out of 555 cities that were surveyed 432 of them had one or more football teams.