The Rise and Fall of The Roman Republic

  • Twelve Tables

    450 BC: The Twelve Tablets were carved into twelve bronze tablets. The Twelve tablets helped organize citizens and had laws like marriage, land ownership, army and so on.
  • Punic wars began

    264 BC: They were three wars between the Romans and the Carthagenians. Everytime they fought they had different strategies. Everytime Rome won.
  • The second Punic war

    218 BC: The second punic war began when Hannibal, an cathaginian general, who leads the Carthaginians attacked Rome. He wantes to attack them by surprise, so he went on a long, trek with over a thousands of soldiers and a couple of elephants. He had a brilliant plan to attack but in the end didn't succeed
  • The Tird Punic War

    149 BC: The Third Punic War was after the secon war. The Carthaginians began to show signs of regaining power. The Romans were scared so to prevent this they attacked. They burned down Carthage and they sold the people or they used them as slaves.
  • Architectural changes

    146 BC: Agricultural changes happend after theThird Punic War because since they won, their environment and power increased. For example small farms were replaced by latifundias and lthere were larger armies
  • Decline of Roman Republic

    135 BC: Decline of Roman republic notes that richer people get paid to get money out of poor people. It came to an end because the taxes were being demanded and the gap between rich and poor expanded.
  • The Reformers

    133 BC: One of the most important reformer was Tiberius. Tiberius wanted to give public land to the poor people so that the gap beetween poor and rich wasn't that big, he even wanted people to vote to go to the army.
  • The Generals

    107 BC: The Generals explains how they attempted to give back what was taken from x-soldiers and how roman commander went against Rome
  • Death of Julius Caesar!

    44 BC: In Julius died because he was stabed by 60 senatores 23 times. He was stabbed because they thought he would use all his power to become king. After Julius Caesar's death people were angered and started mobs and war.