The Rise and Decline of Organized Women's Sports- Chelsea

By Mr. G
  • Female Feminists

    Female Feminists
    Feminists argued about female frality. They wanted equal opportunities to establish their professions as women physical educators.
  • Period: to

    Wealthy Women

    Before 1890, wealthy women took up sprots like archery, golf, croquet, tennis and golf. They were less demanding in strength, and there were no teams.
  • Staten Island

    Staten Island
    Women from Staten Island, New York formed their own athletic club.
  • Sargent School

    Sargent School
    The Sargent School put females through exercize routines.
  • Tennis

    The first women's national tennis championship was help at the Philadelphia Cricket Club.
  • Boston Normal School of Gymnastics

    Boston Normal School of Gymnastics
    The Boston Normal School of Gymnastics set up separate physical education classes in college.
  • Bicycling

    Bicycling was adopted to middle-class women.
  • Basketball

    After Naismith invented Basketball, it became the mosy popular sport among college women.
  • Eleanora Spears

    Eleanora Spears
    Negative reactions to Eleanora Spears' request to practice with men showed the prevailing idea of sports being associated with manhood.
  • Women's Rules

    Women's Rules
    Women's rules for basketball awarded an automatic point to the offended team, plus a free throw to the victim of the foul.
  • Athletics

    Olympic officials put together the Committee of Women's Athletics.
  • Sybil Bauer

    Sybil Bauer
    Sybil Bauer broke the world (men's) record in the backstroke. She also became the 6th person to swim the English Channel 6 years later.
  • Cheerleading

    During the 1920's, females joined in on male cheer squads.
  • Gertrude Erdle

    Gertrude Erdle
    Gertrude Erdle was the 1st woman to swim the English Channel.
  • Period: to

    Babe Didrickson

    Babe Didrickson broke 5 Olympic world (men's) records.
  • Softball

    The All-American Girls Softball League began with four teams.
  • Pro's

    The All-American Girls Baseball League offered almost 500 women the opportunity to play professional baseball.