The Rise and Continued Dominance of Vladimir Putin

  • Birth of Vladimir Putin

    Birth of Vladimir Putin
    BiographyThis is the day that Vladimir Putin was born. This is the day the most controversial leader in the modern era was born. He is know known as a deeply private person, but has the reputation of a man who gets things done quietly and efficiently.
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    Yeltsin resigns as President and Putin takes his place

    Putin begins as PresidentYeltsin had been president but decided to resign one year before his term was over. He surprised the whole country with this and announced he was leaving on Russian National TV, and also mentioned Putin would be taking his spot.
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    Putin is President of Russia

    Yeltsin Resigns One Year Early
    After being prime minister 1999-2000, he was elected president in March 2000. He was president up to 2008 serving two 4 year terms. This sparked large amounts of controversy as Putin knew little about politics. But he proved himself through many accomplishments, and that paid off when he won his second term as President in a landslide election.
  • Putin wins Second Term as President of Russia.

    Putin wins Second Term as President of Russia.
    Putin's second termPutin wins 2nd election by a landslide. His closest rival was Nikloai Kharitonov candidate of the Communist Party. He also stated in his speech that he wishes to establish relationships with businesses based on law, stability, and transparency. This has sparked waves of outrage.
  • Putin Suspends Arms Contract in Russia

    Putin Suspends Arms Contract in Russia
    Suspension of Arms Treaty
    Putin suspends an arms treaty that limits the amount of heavy military equipment that can be deployed in Europe. Putin is steamed that the United States has pulled out of the Antiballistic Missile Treaty of 1972. He has suspended the Arms Treaty in Europe in response to the U.S. proposing to set up a missile defense system across Europe.
  • Putin is TIME Magazine's Person of the Year

    Putin is TIME Magazine's Person of the Year
    Putin is TIME Magazine's Person of the Year
    While many things were going on all over the world from planning the Olympics in China to Iraq showed signs of cooling, Russia a nation that had not been in the headlines of our world news rose up. All of this was because of one man Putin. Russia holds a lot of power similar to the United States, especially in supplying oil. Overall Russia holds a large amount of power and the world relays on them. Russia’s success is
  • Georgia Attacks Russia

    Georgia Attacks Russia
    Georgia's ActionsGeorgia Attacks Russia
    Georgia offically attacks Russia on this date. This provokes Russia into sending thousands of troops to defend their country. They also launch bombing raids and send troops deep int oenemy territory. Eventually, both sign a peace agreement. Russia then agrees to withdraw troops from Georgia.
  • Putin builds Controversial £600 million palace

    Putin builds Controversial £600 million palace
    Putin's PalaceFalse Charity Event VideoPutin spending millions of dollars on a place to be built shows that at times he does not always choose the best for his country. Also the video discuses how the money he was supposedly raising did no</a> end up going to the cancer children. So Putin is a very powerful leader but at many times there is often failures and corruption.
  • Putin Decides to Run for President of Russia

    Putin Decides to Run for President of Russia
    Putin Fitting For President Annouces he plans to run for president of Russia
    As President Medvedev's term comes to an end, it is revealed that he is supporting a candidate who could potentially be in power until 2024. His name is Vladimir Putin. The return of Putin's bid for power and presidency has resulted in waves of controversy and suspicion. Mainly because Putin's past rise to power had loads of controversy and accusations of vote rigging. Will Putin become President of Russia? Maybe
  • Putin's Party Makes Majority Vote in Dumah

    Putin's Party Makes Majority Vote in Dumah
    VotesPutin's party makes majority of votes in Dumah, in a controversial election. The State of Duma had more than 50% vote for Putin. However, more than 160 observers were watching the ballots carefully. After checking the ballots carefully, they spotted several attempts of ballot box stuffing. This has sparked tsunamis of controversy as everyone but Putin's party is angry that people would rig the votes like this. This puts Putin on the path to domination to the lower house of government.
  • Putin criticizes Multiculturalism

    Putin criticizes Multiculturalism
    CriticismIn a controversial speech, Putin delivers a speech on how Multiculturalist societies don't pass the test of time and is trying to put in a plan to limit the amount of illegal immigrants getting into the country. He's also going to limit migration to other parts of Russia. This new idea is already causing waves of controversy as people wish to keep their freedom of migration but that may change soon.
  • 120,000 people attend a rally against Vladimir Putin

    120,000 people attend a rally against Vladimir Putin
    Protest120,000 people attend a rally against Vladimir Putin. Thi rally was held to protest Putin's domination of Russia. They hope to have 1 million people next time. This would be a monumentally huge rally. Several people have stepped forward as the leaders of this protest. This is dangerous move on their part though.
  • Money Made Due to Russia's Exported Oil

    Money Made Due to Russia's Exported Oil
    Russia's Economy Improvement Exporting oil is Russia’s main contribution to the rest of the World. By the end of Vladimir Putin's second term it became very clear that Russia took on a very good oil managing policy for their export income due to what Putin did. The fund made for the oil revenues began in 2004 and in two years it collected enough money to repay the Soviet Union dept they owed.