Philippine map

The Philippines

  • Jan 1, 1300

    Extensive trade is being conducted within Asia

    Extensive trade is being conducted within Asia
    India, Indonesia, China, and Japan are all trading with the Philippines. Besides monetary trade, another outcome is that he the Filipinos are introduced to ISlam by Arab traders.
    CAPTION: This is a map that shows the ancient trade routes of Asia.
  • Jan 1, 1521

    Ferdinand Magellan arrives

    Ferdinand Magellan arrives
    The first contact with Europeans, the Philippines meet Magellan. However, this relationship had rough patches and the island natives ended up battling Magellan to death.
    CAPTION: This is a portrait of Magellan in front of a map. This signifies that he was an explrorer.
  • Jan 1, 1542

    Spain Claims Philippines

    Spain Claims Philippines
    The Spanish military took the islands and named them the Philippines. They were named after King Philip. The Philippines are now part of the Spanish empire.
    CAPTION:This is a drawing of a native about to kill a Spaniards. It shows how much dislike the Filipinos had toward Spanish people.
  • The Philippines isn't down with Spanish rule

    The Philippines isn't down with Spanish rule
    General protests begin. Unrest is cooking in the cauldron of politics. Filipinos are not happy with the way they are being treated and they are ready to make their voice heard.
    CAPTION:The photo is a collage of different symbols that were associated with the Spanish-Filipino relationship.
  • Philippines is handed to the US and then becomes independent

    Philippines is handed to the US and then becomes independent
    The Treaty of Paris ends the Spanish-American war. This means that the Philippines are given to the USA. However, later that year, the Philippines become an independent country through a guerrilla war against the USA.
    CAPTION: This is a drawing of a man announcing the independence of the Philippines. By their joyful expressions, the audience can tell theat USA rule was not favorable.
  • USA is back

    USA is back
    After the Philippines demand independence so soon after the USA acquired it, the US decides to capture the headman. President Taft becomes teh first US governor. He improves the economical situation and makes it easier for Filipinos to study in the USA. This really modernized the country.
    CAPTION:This is a painting of a USA army attacking the natives. This shows the negative side of USA rule and how many Filipinos were killed.
  • The Philippines become a Commonwealth of the USA

    The Philippines become a Commonwealth of the USA
    In 1935, the House and Senate of the Philippines passed a bill. This bill stated that the Philippines was now a Commnowealth and named the first leaders. The Philippines were promised independence from the USA by 1946.
    CAPTION: This is a photo of the equivalent of the White House and the festivities surrounding the more freedom given.
  • Japanese enter the picture

    Japanese enter the picture
    The Japanese decide that they would like to acquire the nice piece of land also known as the Philippines. So, they invade. They end up victorious and the Philippines switches hands to the third country. Because htey had to stop any protests, the Japanes exile the leader of the Philippines at the time. He, however, plans a new government during his exile.
    CAPTION: This is a map showing all of the ways the Japanese attacked the Philippines.
  • The US strikes back

    The US strikes back
    The US is fairly pissed that the Philippines was taken from them. So, the same general who lost the battle against Japan reloads and strikes again. Gen. MacArthur comes back and after a fierce battle, the Philippines is once again a US terretory.
    CAPTION: This is the Gen MacArthur. By his care-free stance and pipe, a message is sent that he wants to appear similar to any American and wants to relate to all the Americna citizens.
  • Philippines is (really) independent

    Philippines is (really) independent
    The Us, in it's normal fashion, has decided to help the Philippines become independent. After all, they had promised them independence by this year. Also, the US' strategy was to make the Philippines an ally. So, the Philippines become independent with Manuel Roxas y Acuña elected the first president.
    CAPTION: The photo is a picture of the first president. By his stern expression, teh audience can infer that he is a fair man.