The outsiders

Timeline created by Justin and Yvonne
  • Ponyboy got jumped。

    Ponyboy got jumped。
    Ponyboy was walking down the streets, and then a group of Socs came and put the blame on him. Fortunately, his brother came to save him. The Socs and Greasers always have conficts, this is the backround of the whole story. it is very important.
  • Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally went to the movie.

    Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally went to the movie.
    They met Cherry at the movie theatre, Dally said something dirty and left after Johnny stopped him. This is the first time Ponyboy and Johnny met Cherry, Cherry is the'person who connected the Socs and Greasers. She played a very important role in the whole book.
  • The met Randy and Bob

    The met Randy and Bob
    After the film, they wanted to send Cherry home, but they met Bob and Johnny on the road. They were drunk and found that their girlfriends were with the Greasers. Johnny found that the man with three rings is the person who cut up his face. Because of Cherry they didn't fight. Now Johnny knew that Bob is person who jumped him, It indicated that Johnny would get revenge and kill Bob. This is the second time that Ponyboy confronted the Socs.
  • Ponyboy went back home.

    Ponyboy went back home.
    It was almost two. The lamp was still on, Soda fell asleep and Darry was reading the newspaper. Darry was angry that Ponyboy came so late; he thought it is dangerous, Ponyboy explained that he fell asleep at the park, but Darry didn't believe him.Darry yelled at Ponyboy, Soda wanted Darry to calm down, but Darry told Soda to get out. Darry slapped Ponyboy. Ponyboy run out of the door. This event told us about the conflicts between three brothers. This is a clue to the whole story
  • Ponyboy went to find Johnny in the park

    Ponyboy went to find Johnny in the park
    Johnny stayed at the park alone because of his father, Ponyboy went to the park because of his brothers, this event indicated that there are many things in common between Ponyboy and Johnny, the following chapter will mainly talk about the story between Johnny and Ponyboy.
  • Johnny killed Bob with a knife

    Johnny killed Bob with a knife
    When Johnny and Ponyboy were sleeping at the park, a group of Socs came, Ponyboy didn't know why the Socs came to the Greasers' place. They wanted to escape, but Bob was drunk and wanted to drown Ponyboy, Johnny killed Bob with a knife. Other Socs ran away: Johnny was scared. Ponyboy and Johnny became murderers; they should escape from the police so they went to the church.This event told us that Johnny and Ponyboy did not murder on purpose, they wanted to stay alive, so they did this.
  • They asked Dally for help.

    They asked Dally for help.
    They came to ask Dally for help; Dally thought it amazing that Johnny had killed a Socs. Dally gave them 50 dollars ,a gun and a good plan. He wanted them to go to the church and hide themselves. If they didn't go to the church, the plot in the next section wouldn't happen, and they would never become heros. Also this is a turning point of the story, Ponyboy left home and go to a strange place, he should do everything himself and escape from the police, this made Ponyboy became more mature.
  • They took the train and went to the church

    They took the train and went to the church
    This was an very old church, The life in the church, not like in home, was very hard. This told us nothing gold can stay. There are many difficuties in the life you have to face. Before, Ponyboy lived with his brothers, every morning his brother would wake him up and asked him to eat the breakfast. Now, the hunger woke him up, and the only thing he could eat was the sausage.
  • Ponyboy cut his grease hair

    Ponyboy cut his grease hair
    Johnny bought many things with 50 dollars from Dally. He wanted Ponyboy to cut and bleach his grease hair. But Ponyboy thought he would look funny with the short hair. Grease hair was the symbol of the Greasers, but now Ponyboy had to cut and bleach them in order to escape from the police. This was a big challenge for Ponyboy. Without grease hair, he was not a Greaser. This indicated that Greasers are a group, Greasers would never leave the group.
  • They got a copy of Gone With The Wind

    They got a copy of Gone With The Wind
    The poem 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' is referenced in this book. This is Ponyboy's favourite poem. At the end of the story, Ponyboy found a letter from Johnny in this book. This is another clue of the story. Ponyboy liked reading and writing. So he would ask for the book, this indicated that Ponyboy was good at writing: he would record their life.
  • Dally visited them at the church

    Dally visited them at the church
    Dally came to the church to see Ponyboy and Johnny. Dally brought a letter from Darry for Ponyboy, Darry wanted Johnny to came back and turned themselves in, He felt sorry about slapping him that night. This developed the relationship betwen Ponyboy and his brother, Darry still loved Ponyboy and he didn't want to lose Ponyboy just like they lost their father. Dally cared about Johnny. Also, Dally was smoking at the church; it paved the way for the fire in the church.
  • They saved the children in the fire.

    They saved the children in the fire.
    When they came back to the church, they found the church was on the fire. The teacher said several children were still in the church. They thought it was their fault and they caused the kids to be in danger. They dashed in to the fire! It indicated that the Greasers were brave and responsible. Johnny hurt badly in the fire, This paved the way for Johnny's death. It is the most important event in the whole story. It changed the impression of the Greasers.
  • Pony met his brother at the hospotal

    Pony met his brother at the hospotal
    Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally were injured and sent to the hospital. Ponyboy was fine and met his brothers. Ponyboy realized how his brothers loved him. They embraced together and cried. Johnny was badly injured. He was going to die. Although they got injured they became heros finally. It is an important turning point of their relationship. It creates the following themes, such as, looking after Ponyboy when he fell in a faint..
  • Randy communicated with Ponyboy

    Randy communicated with Ponyboy
    Randy wanted to have a private talk with Ponyboy, though a rumble would take place at night, but Randy thought the rumble was useless even though the Greasers won the rumble, they would still stay at the bottom of society. People always get injured in the rumble. Also, he thought Ponyboy was not like a Greaser. It indicated that the conflicts between them were solvable and the members of Socs and Greasers are not just competitors.
  • They visited Johnny at the hospital

    They visited Johnny at the hospital
    They went to the hospital to see Johnny; the doctor indicated that Johnny couldn't recover completely andJohnny said he wanted to commit a suicide because he knew that he couldn't recovercompletely. He thought his life was too short to be dead at 16. He didn't want to see his mother. First, Johnny really paid a lot for helping the children, it suggested that Johnny and Ponyboy are good guys, but not just killers. Then, this thing is a premise for all the subsequent events.
  • The rumble

    The rumble
    The Greasers and Socs both came in time. Soon the rumble began. It was very brutal, but finally the Greasers won the rumble, After the rumble, Ponyboy had a cerebral concussion. The rumble symbolized all the former things that Pony and his friends had been experiencing came to an end, but it is just open ended because the rumble didn't solve the real problem. Their conflicts still exist, and their story is still going on.
  • Johnny died

    Johnny died
    After the rumble, they went to the hospital to see Johnny, Johnny was dying. They told Johnny that they won the rumble, but Johnny said that was useless. He told Ponyboy to stay gold, and then he died in front of Ponyboy and Dally. It foreshadowed the death of Dally. It told that people always paid for the things they did, Johnny killed a person and his death is an inevitable result.
  • Dally died

    Dally died
    Dally couldn't accept Johnny's death. He ran out of the hospital and went to a grocery store. He rubbered the store and turned his gun on the police. Suddenly, the police shot and killed him. The story is entering the end by Dally and Johnny's deathes. However, Dally died as a robbery. Not everybody would be remember as a hero. It told us how cruel the society is.
  • The Ponyboy came to court

    The Ponyboy came to court
    The judge said Ponyboy was innocent. Cherry testified that Ponyboy was just defending himself. Everyone was very happy about the judge's judgement. It is the resolution for killing Bob, it connects the former clues and final judgement. And makes the story closer to the main idea of the book. It represents the summary of all the main characters' experences. After court, there were no more true conflicts between the Socs and Greasers.
  • Ponyboy wrote this book

    Ponyboy wrote this book
    The teacher told Ponyboy he would fail his lessons unless he wrote an essay about his own experience. Ponyboy recorded the things which happened during those days, and passed the lesson. It is the endgame of the book. It told us the whole book was writen by Ponyboy as his final essay to the English class. It gave us more details about the reason why Ponyboy wrote this book, and exposed all the hints in the former, it help us to completely understand the book.
  • Period: to

    They stayed at the church

    The life in the church was very boring, they killed the time with reading the books and playing cards.