The Northwest Indian War (1785 - 1795)

  • Indians form the Confederacy

    Indians form the Confederacy
    The indians were upset that the U.S. settlers were moving more into the northwest territory. They were taking the indians' land. Chiefs from different tribes formed the Western Confederacy to stop further expansion.
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    The Northwest Indian War (1785-1795)

    The Northwest Indian War lasted 10 years. It was a war between the U.S settlers and the Indian Confederacy. They formed the confederecy because they were angry that the settlers were moving into their territory and taking all of their land.
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    Attack on the U.S.

    The Western Confederacy begins attacking. A year after the Confederacy was formed, they began attacking the U.S. They wanted to intimidate the U.S. to prevent expansion. The Indians stopped after 4 years, they thought they had won.
  • U.S. strikes back!

    U.S. strikes back!
    A group of 1,453 men under Brigadier General Josiah Harmar was assembled near Indiana. Harmar committed only 400 of his men under Colonel John Hardin to attack an Indian force of about 1,000. Hardin was defeated and lost at least 129 soldiers.
  • The U.S refuses to give up

    The U.S refuses to give up
    George Washington ordered Major General Arthur St. Clair to launch a more powerful effort. St. Clair had a difficult time getting men and supplies ready. He was somewhat ready for battle, but his troop needed more training.
  • St. Clair commands a strike

    St. Clair commands a strike
    November 4, Major General St. Clair and his force of 920 were camped at modern-day Fort Recovery, Ohio. An Indian grorp of about 2,000 suprise attacked them. 632 U.S. soldiers died and 264 were wounded. A group of 200 unarmed men at the camp were also slaughtered. It was the United States' worst defeat in an Indian war.
  • Special Force Unit

    Special Force Unit
    The Legion of the United States was an extension of the U.S. Army formed during the war in 1792. They were under the command of Major General Anthony Wayne. They were the best trained soldiers during the war.
  • A new officer in charge

    A new officer in charge
    George Washington ordered General "Mad" Anthony Wayne to train a force of soldiers to finally put an end to the situation. General Wayne and his troops advanced into Indian territory and built Fort Recovery after extensive training. They were well prepared to win a battle.
  • United States finally wins!

    United States finally wins!
    Little Turtle, a leader of the Conferacy, attacked Fort Recovery. Wayne's well-trained soldiers were able to stop the Confederacy. It was a great victory in favor of the U.S.
  • Officer downgraded

    Officer downgraded
    Blue Jacket of the Indian Western Confederacy, downgraded Little Turtle from Commander of the indian forces. After the battle at Fort Recovery, Blue Jacket didn't think Little Turtle was a good enough Commander. Little Turtle did not like the decision and wanted to earn his promotion back.
  • Promotion

    Blue Jacket thought Little Turtle proved himself well enough to be re-promoted. Little Turtle was promoted as the Commander. He was ready to train for another battle.
  • Battle of Fallen Timbers

    Battle of Fallen Timbers
    The Battle of Fallen Timbers was the final battle of the Northwest Indian War. The U.S. out flanked the Conferderacy and cornered them at Fort Miami. It was a British fort and they did not want to start another war with the U.S. so they did not open the fort doors for the Indians. The Indians surrendered and the U.S. withdrew. 30 to 40 indians were killed and 33 Americans died.
  • The signing of the Treaty of Greenville

    The signing of the Treaty of Greenville
    The Treaty of Greenville was a peace agreement between the Indians and the U.S. The agreements were that the tribes had to give up most of their land (which was mostly Ohio, Lake Michigan, and Lake Erie), but they were still allowed to hung there. The U.S. government gave the Indians $29,500 in goods.