The Native America

  • 200


    southeast idians stert to grow corn and other foods.
  • Period: Jan 1, 700 to Jan 1, 1550

    The tribes

    The native americans divide into tribes, some of them are called the Apache,sioux and the cherokee
  • Jan 1, 1492

    An explorer

    An explorer
    Cristopher columbus arrives in islands near america many setterles mistreat the land.
  • The first settlement

    The first english settlement is made it is on roanoke island.
  • The expidtion

    The expidtion
    Jamestowns John smith leads an expidition to the remains of the settlement on roanoke island.
  • Granting of land

    Granting of land
    King kilconcanen grants land to George Durant this was one of the first grants with the native american tribes.
  • The Tuscrora war

    The Tuscrora war
    Tuscroras warriors attack english settelments near new bem and bath they kill more than 150 whites.
  • The other Tuscrora war

    The other Tuscrora war
    Tuscroras battle another white man settlement, many seterlers are supprised that most of the fierce warrios are women.
  • The epidemic

    An epidemic of small pox wipes out allmost 50% of the cherokee tribe!!!
  • fort dobbs

    Cherokee attack fort dobbsand settlements near bethrabara and along the yadikin and dan rivers.
  • peace

    the cherokee sign a peace treaty with the american cononlists
  • The invaision

    General Griffin Rutherford invades cherokee country with 2400 men they destroy 32 towns and villages.
  • The Law

    The cherokee asablish a new law code and The Light Horse Guards maintain it.
  • The exchange

    The cherokee exchange there for land near the arkansas river 2000 cherokee move west.
  • The supreme court

    The cherokee astablish the The supreme national court.
  • Indian removal act

    Preident Andrew jackson signs the act for removal of indians.
  • indian removal act

    cherokee tribes lose to the indian removal act by one vote!!!
  • The Lowry war

    Allen and William Lowry the father and brother of Henry bery Lowry die this is the steart of the Lowry war.
  • The death

    After the death of Steve Lowry by bounty hunters the lowry war ends.
  • The Mayor

    The first native american is selected to be mayor.