The Nation Breaking Apart Timeline

  • Wilmot Proviso

    This bill aimed to outlaw slavery in territories taken from Mexico. The bill passed in the House Of Representatives but was defeted in the Senate thus causing a division in Congress. Although, not a success it led to the formation of the Free Soil Party.
  • Compromise of 1850

    The compromise is the debate between Congress and California, Congress broke apart because of the compromise. The Compromise was a problem because California could not gain statehood without approval.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Law to organize Kansas and Nebraska territories. It overtuned the Missouri Compromise and caused violence in Kansas. The bill was passed.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Proslavery and antislavery settlers rush inro Kansas Territory to vote for territorial legislation. Missourians vote in election illegaly. John Brown retaliates by murdaring 5 people. Civil War breaks out in Kansas territory called Bleeding Kansas.
  • Caning of Sumner

    In 1856, Senator Chales Sumner's makes a speech about proslavery forces in Kansas and during the speech insults A.P Butler. As a result, relatives of Sumner including Preston Brooks attack Sumner in the Senate. Therefore, result in Southeners cheering for Books defence of the South
  • Dred Scott V. Sandford

    Dred Scott who was a slave was taken to a territory where slavery is illegal in 1857. However, he decides to move back to Missouri. As a result, Dred Scott decides to sue the U.S. supreme court for freedom which ending up with a case called Dred Scott V. Sandford. However, chief Justice Roger B. Taney ststes Scott is not able to sue the court due to the fact he was'nt a U.S citizen. As a result, it allowed slavery to spread anywhere in the U.S territory citizenship of free African American.
  • Attack on Harpers Ferry

    John Brown also had the mind to inspire slaves to fight for their freedrom. So, on Oct 16, 1859, Brown and 18 followers- 13 white and 5 black- captured the Harperrs Ferry Arsenal. They resulted in killing 4 people during the raid. Brown sent out a word for local slaves to be armed, but the slaves didn't join. However, he was captured and tried for murder and treason. As a result he was convicted and sentenced to hang.
  • Election of 1860

    Abraham Lincoln wins the Election of 1850 because he recived the most election cotes. As a result of this election South Corolina and then 6 other southern states decide to secede from the Union. Soon after they form the Confederate State of America.