The Merchant of Venice Main events

  • Bassino needs money

    Bassino needs money
    Bassanio wants to marry Portia, and so needs money.
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    The Merchant Of Venice Main events

  • Struck a deal with the devil

    Struck a deal with the devil
    Bassanio has no credit and so his friend Antonio borrows the money from Shylock.
    Shylock dislikes Antonio so agrees to lend him the money interest-free on the security of a pound of flesh from anywhere on Antonio's body. Basically if Antonio doesn't pay up, Shylock can kill him.
  • Bassino gets Married!

    Bassino gets Married!
    Bassanio, with the aid of the money, goes to woo Portia. She loves him alright but, according to her father's will, must marry the man who can guess which of the three boxes her picture is in. Bassanio guesses the right box--Hooray! They get married.
  • Antonio is in trouble

    Antonio is in trouble
    But watch out! Antonio is unexpectedly broke and cannot pay Shylock. Shylock takes him to court and starts sharpening his knife.
  • Portia in disguise

    Portia in disguise
    Portia disguises herself as a lawyer, and gets Antonio off on a technicality. What's more, she convinces the court to order Shylock to give all his money to his daughter and her goyim husband and to stop being Jewish.
  • Bassinos in trouble

    Bassinos in trouble
    But there's more. Portia asks Bassanio for a fee for her services and insists on taking his wedding ring, which he swore to her he would never get away. Antonio persuades him to do this, and of course there's a tongue-lashing waiting for him when he gets home to his brand-new wife without his wedding ring.