The making of the modern world.

  • Cotton mills

    Cotton mills
    The first cotton mills were opened in england. Th
  • The industrial revolution

    The industrial revolution
    The start of the industrial revolution and the beginning of what would pan out be 100 years of great ideas and fantastic inventions. From the invention of the cotton gin to the first phone the industrial revolution paved the way for inventors and soon lots of new items had been invented. If the industrial revolution hadn't occurred we would be without much of the technology we have today!
  • Period: to


    This timeline displays the events in time from 1750 up until 1918.
  • First fleet

    First fleet
    The first fleet arrived in Botany bay in 1788. It consisted of 11 ships that sailed from Great Britian. In total there were 1044 people aboard all 11 ships. This date is important in Australian history because if it didn't happen then Australia would never have been founded and we may have ended up being descendants of another country,
  • 2nd Fleet arrives

    2nd Fleet arrives
    The second fleet arrived in Sydney cove with fresh suplies, settlers and convicts. The fleet was comprised of four ships: a Navy escort ship, four convict ships and a supply ship. This fleet of ships was separated on the joureney to Australia and one ship arrived 2 months later than the rest. Unlike the first fleet the convicts of the second fleet were treated appalingly and many were no help when they arrived in fact they were more of a burden.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney invents the cotton grin
  • Eli Whitney invented the interchangeable parts

    Eli Whitney invented the interchangeable parts
    The invention of the interchangeable parts was a huge help to soliders and gun makers. The interchangeable parts did away with custom parts for each different gun instead guns could now be repaired from all the same parts!
  • Australia's first bank opened

    Australia's first bank opened
    The first bank in Australia was opened in Sydney
  • Invention of Morse code

    Invention of Morse code
    Morse code shone a brand new light on communication. Now messages could be sent directly and a skilled listener could receive and translate the message almost instantly.
  • New Zealand becomes a separate colony.

    New Zealand becomes a separate colony.
    New zealand
  • Victorian gold rush begins.

    Victorian gold rush begins.
    The start of the Gold rush meant two things for Australia: Money and population increase. People swarmed to Australia when gold was first discovered in Victoria. People from all over the world including Britain, China and many more. As the years passed gold was discovered in many more places around Australia and even more people flocked to the young country to get their share of the riches.
  • The invention of the telephone

    The invention of the telephone
    The invention of the telephone was probably one of the greatest inventions of all time. People could now talk to one another without tapping away at morse code or writing letters that would take months to arrive.
  • The phonograph is invented

    The phonograph is invented
    The phonograph took the world by storm! People could sit in their living rooms and listent to music without having to spend a fortune going to see it in theatre.
  • Ned kelly hanged

    Ned kelly hanged
    This day marked the death of one of Australias greatest villians....or heroes? Different people believe different stories but Ned Kelly is and always will be an aussie icon.
  • The first Australian cricket team is formed

    The first Australian cricket team is formed
    The first ever Australian cricket team marked the beginning of what is still an iconic sport in Australian culture.
  • Women are given the right to vote

    Women are given the right to vote
    This year was one of the biggest in the histroy of Australian women. Finally after years of protesting women were finally starting to be recognised as equal to men.
  • Australia become a federation

    Australia become a federation
    This is one of if not the biggest day in Australia. The day we became a known as a nation.
  • The white australia policy is introduced.

    The white australia policy is introduced.
    This policy was brought forth in 1901. It was a policy that was trying to stop illegal immigration into Australia by banning people of non-white decent from entering upon. Those that were already in Australia and were not of white-decent were hated upon and sometimes beaten in the street. The policy was abolished in 1966.
  • WWI begins

    WWI begins
    On this day WWI started. This marked the beginning of one of the darkest years in the earth's histroy. Countries went to wat and millions were killed. In the end the allied forces defeated the central powers in 1918.
  • Aussie troops land at Gallipoli

    Aussie troops land at Gallipoli
    The gallipoli campaign is Australias most famous part in WW1. It was an operation that was supposed to end in result takin istanbul and forcing turkey out of the war. What ended up happening was mass loss of life on both sides and Australia retreating.
  • WWI ends

    WWI ends
    WWI finally ends with germany agreeing to a cease fire on november 11th 1918. This day is now known as Armistice day.