The Long Marijuana-Rights Movement

  • LeMar

    1964 Allen Ginsberg and Ed Sanders created LeMar which stands for Legalize Marijuana. They were an activist group from the lower-east-side of New York. They were known for their protests to legalize Marijuana
  • Joining forces with Amorphia

    Joining forces with Amorphia
    In 1971 LeMar combined themselves with a California based group who we’re making headway in legalizing marijuana called Amorphia. Amorphia had a great source of money to further the cause by manufacturing their own rolling paper called “Acapulco Gold” geared towards people and establishments who smoked cigarettes. They also opened up sales job to anyone interested but they were sold at triple the normal rate.
  • Free John Sinclair Movement

    Free John Sinclair Movement
    Ann Arbor Michigan residents John and Leni Sinclair we Amorphia’s national chairs and activists started the White Panther Party. They were a white left-wing group that supported the Black Panthers 10-program while also speaking about their platform. Sinclair was arrested in 1969 for possession of marijuana and sentenced to 10 years. Michigan activists started a international movement to free him. John Lennon was the main act forThe benefits.
  • Human Rights Party

    Many of the activists from the Sinclair movement saw a need to aid and make change in Ann Arbor MI to repeal homosexuality,stop US military participation, and decriminalize marijuana. They started the HRP Human Right Party. In 1972 2 HRP individuals were elected in 1972. Within 30 days Ann Harbor was the first municipality in the US to make marijuana possession a civil offense and not a crime. HRP helped other states with funds to start change
  • HRP & Oregon

    The HRP continued the movement of decriminalization of marijuana with the money from the rolling paper helped California and Oregon. They were shot down. Oregon created a legislative committee that research marijuana and proposed removing penalties for marijuana. In 1973 Oregon was the first state to decriminalize marijuana.
  • NORML-Decriminalize Marijuana

    In 1974 Amorphia joined forces with an entity that had money called National Organizations for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
    They were backed by Hugh Hefner’s philanthropic Playboy Foundation. NORML was able to gain success in 10 more states from 1973-1978
  • Period: to

    17 years no movement

    In the late 70’s during President Carter’s time it seemed as though decriminalization of marijuana wouldn’t be a problem but another advocacy group sprouted . National Families in Action was a parent group changed the mindset of voters and legislators to cease the decriminalization. President Carter was discouraged from drug policy reform. In 1981 strict laws gained more footing with new president Reagan with a new forceful approach to the war on drugs.
  • New legalization group Marijuana Policy Project

    New legalization group emerges Marijuana Policy Project
  • Legalization of medical marijuana in California

    1996 California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana.
  • New legalization group Drug Policy Alliance

    In 2000 Drug Policy Alliance was formed
  • Massachusetts approves decriminalization of marijuana

    In 2008 Massachusetts the first state since 1978 to approve decriminalization of marijuana
  • Colorado & Washington legalize recreational marijuana

    2012 Colorado & Washington first to legalize recreational marijuana