The Life of Gandhi

Timeline created by Elijah Stephens
  • Birth

    Mahatma Gandhi was born. He was born in Porbandar, India
  • Marriage

    Gandhi gets married to Kastaba Gandhi. They were married in Rajkot India
  • Schooling

    Gandhi went to college when he was 19. He went to University College in London
  • Coming Home

    Coming Home
    Gandhi came home. He was unsuccessful in Bombay
  • Business man

    Business man
    Gandhi opens a business. Natal Indian Congress
  • Helping Hand

    Helping Hand
    During the Boer War he made an ambulance corps and served the South African government.
  • Peace

    Gandhi started a peaceful revolution
  • Writing

    Writing to devote to his followers
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    During Gandhi’s protest he did a salt taxation march
  • Death

    Sadly Gandhi was assassinated and killed