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The LIfe of Anne Frank

  • Anne Frank is Born

    Anne Frank is Born
    Anne Frank was born on June 12 , 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank, and she had one older sister named Margot.
  • Hilter Comes to Power

    Hilter Comes to Power
    Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany and the first anti-Jewish laws are established
  • The Franks Move to Amsterdam

    The Franks Move to Amsterdam
    Otto Frank begins working at the Opekta Worksand finds an apartment on the Merwedeplein (Merwede Square) in Amsterdam
  • The Nuremburg Laws

    The Nuremburg Laws
    Germany passes the Nuremburg Race Laws that deprive German Jews of their citizenship, their businesses, and their right to education
  • German Occupation

    German Occupation
    Germany annexes and occupies the Rhineland.
  • Jewish Refugess

    Jewish Refugess
    The United States and 32 other countries meet to discuss the growing Jewish refugee crisis but no country offers to take in Jewish refugees
  • Germany Invades Poland and WWII Begins

    Germany Invades Poland and WWII Begins
    Germany invades Poland.
  • Forbidden

    Dutch Jews are forbidden access to movie theaters or use public transport preventing Anne Frank from enjoying her favorite pastime.
  • The Tide Turns

    The Tide Turns
    The Germans surrender in the battle of Stalingrad and Germany starts retreating.
  • Anne's Last Entry

    Anne's Last Entry
    The final entry is made in the diary of Anne Frank. She and her family are taken to concentration camps where they are all killed except for her father, Otto Frank.