The Life and Times of Chris McCandless

  • Chris McCandless Born

  • Period: to

    Chris McCandless

  • High School Graduation

  • Founds out about Father's second family

    Summer of 1986
  • Graduates from Emory College

  • Makes a check to OXFAM for $24000

  • Starts journey "Into the Wild"

  • Abandons his Datsun at Lake Mead

  • Meets Jan and Bob

  • Westerburg picks up Alex and brings him to Carthage, SD

  • Crosses Mexican/American border illegally and goes to jail

  • Gets new ID in LA for "Alex"

  • Returns to Lake Mead

  • Gets job at McDonald's in Bullhead, Arizona

  • Meets Jan and Bob in Niland

  • Meets Ronald Franz

  • James Gallien gives Alex a ride to Alaska

  • Alska Bound!

  • Finds the 142 Bus

  • Stampede Trail

  • Chris' final note

  • Eats toxic seeds in Alaska, ultimately poisoning him

  • Dies at the age of 24

  • Body Discovered