The Last Shot

By auralia
  • Abraham Lincoln High School

    Russell, Corey, and Tchaka talk about making the grades and SAT scores, end of junior year.
  • Nike

    Nike summer camp. A camp where top Division 1 schools go to recruit players..
  • Empire State Games

    Four Day Tournament bringing together the finest high school players from across New York State
  • B/C

    Corey and Russell travel to Gettysburg, PA for the All-Star basketball camp
  • Lincoln High School

    Start of senior year for Corey, Russel, and Tchaka. Stephon is a Freshman.
  • College Recruitment

    Tchaka, Corey, and Russell talk to Divison 1 college coaches from Seton Hall, Villanova, Syracuse, Province, and many more.
  • Signing

    Tchaka signed with Seaton Hall
  • SAT

    Corey fell 10 points short of a 700 on the SAT which was needed to be able to play Division 1 basketball