the industrial revolution

  • Railroad

    Britain produces 3 million tons more iron than the rest if the world combined
    was the 1800s
  • Cottage System

    manufacturing cotton was a two step process,
    spinners made cotton thread from raw cotton,
    weavers wove the thread into cloth on looms.
    this was done in cottages in the 18th century (cottage system)
  • Iron 1

    Britain produced 17,000 tons of iron
  • Cotton Importation 1

    2.5 million pounds of raw cotton was imported- used in cottage industries
  • Spinning Jenny

    James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny- the spinning/thread production process became faster
  • Puddling

    Henry court develops puddling
    coke, which was gotten from coal, was used to burn away the impurities of crude iron, aka pig iron
  • Iron 2

    Britain produced almost 70,000 tons
  • Steam Power

    James Watt made changes to his machine- steam power could now be used to weave and spin cotton
    steam engines needed coal so they did not need to be near rivers/ britain had lots of coal
  • Water Powered Loom

    Edmund Cartwright- invented the water powered loom
    it was more efficient to bring the workers to the machines now
  • Cotton Importation 2

    22 million pounds of cloth imported, most spun on machines
  • First Train

    first steam powered locomotive ran on an industrial track line (Britain)
    pulled 10 tons of ore and 70 people at 5mph
  • Rocket

    a later type of locomotive was used on the first public railroad
    opened in 1830, extended 32 miles, had speeds of 16 mph while pulling a 40 ton train
  • Cotton Importation 3

    366 million pounds of cotton was imported each year
  • Track 1

    Britain had almost 2,000 miles of track
  • Track 2

    had more than 6,000 miles of track
  • Iron 3

    Britain produces 3 million tons more iron than the rest if the world combined