• The first meeting of the Indian National Congress, Bombay

  • Formation of the Muslim League

  • Amritsar Massacre

  • Mahatma Gandhi leads the Congress; Non-cooperation Movement

  • Civil disobedience movement

  • Civil Disobedience Movement continues; Salt Satyagraha: Gandhi's Dandi March; First Round Table Conference

  • Second Round Table Conference; Irwin-Gandhi Pact

  • Civil Disobedience Movement called off

  • Gandhi-Jinnah negotiations for the settlement of the communal problem, which began in February, fail

  • Viceroy Linlithgow announces that India is at war with Germany

    18 Oct Viceroy's Statement on War Aims and the War Effort: reiterates that goal of British policy is Dominion status for India, but that the 1935 Act is open to modification at the end of the war, in the light of Indian opinion. Offers association of Indian opinion in war effort through consultative group representing the major political parties in British India and the princes.
    Oct Resignation of Congress Ministries
    22 Dec Observed as 'Deliverance Day' from Congress rule by the Muslim League.
  • British Government announces its decision to send Sir Stafford Cripps to India

    30 Mar Cripps proposals published
    2 Apr Congress and League reject the Cripps proposals
    8-9 Aug Congress launches 'Quit India movement' and is declared an unlawful organisation; Gandhi and all members of the Congress Working Commmittee are arrested
  • Gandhi-Jinnah talks end in failure

  • Labour Government comes into power in Britain

  • Cabinet Mission visits India

    16 May Cabinet Mission announces its constitutional scheme
    6 Jun Muslim League accepts Cabinet Mission's consitutional scheme
    16 Jun Cabinet Mission presents scheme for the formation of an interim government at the centre
    25 Jun Congress rejects 16 June proposals for an interim government but accepts 16 May scheme, agreeing thereby to join the proposed Constituent Assembly. Muslim League accepts the 16 June scheme and agrees to join the interim government
    29 Jul Muslim League passes resoluti
  • The 'Great Calcutta Killing'

  • Congress forms the interim government with Nehru as the Vice-President

    Muslim League decides to join the interim government
  • Consituent Assembly meets without Muslim League members

  • Muslim League demands dissolution of Constituent Assembly.

  • Communal rioting in Punjab

  • Prime Minister Attlee announces the British intention of leaving India by June 1948, and Mountbatten to succeed as Viceroy.

  • Jinnah declares that the Muslim League will not yield an inch in their demand for Pakistan

    4-5 March Outbreak of communal disturbances in Lahore, Multan and other Pujabi towns.
    12 March Gandhi begins a tour of the riot-affected areas of Bihar
  • Conference of Governors; approval for draft proposals for the transfer of power

  • Cabinet India and Burma Committee: concluding meeting with Mountbatten

  • First meeting of Partition Committee

  • Votes in Bengal Legislative Assembly result in decision that Province should be partitioned

  • Indian Cabinet agrees to establish States Department