The History of the Printing Presses and publication Act

By lcmenon
  • The Printing Ordinance was enacted

    The Printing Presses and Publications Act was first introduced by the British colonial government as the Printing Ordinance of 1948 at the beginning of the state of emergency, in order to counteract Communist activities seen as a threat to the establishment. The Act required all newspapers and printing presses to obtain an annual publishing licence.
  • The PPPA replaced the Printing Ordinance

    Following the racial riots of 1969, this ordinance was now revised into an Act of Parliament, The revision aimed at ensuring that racial sensitivities would not be provoked. Additional power was given to revoke newspaper licences that were seen to be aggravating national sensitivities or were considered detrimental to national development goals.
  • Revision of the PPPA

    Click to view legislation Amid objections, the PPPA was amended in 1984. Again, more power was given to the government to seize or revoke a printing press or publication licence.
  • Lim Guan Eng and the PPPA

    See page 35 to view the Case of Lim Guan EngIn 1988, the PPPA was used against Lim Guan Eng for his criticism of the statutory rape case involving former Malacca Chief Minister, Rahim Thamby Chik.
  • Dr. M suggests tightening of PPPA scope

    The time Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir stated that the government may amend existing media laws to make them more relevant and effective, especially in view of the necessity to curb the spread of ‘false information’ in the modern, high-tech information world.
  • Irene Fernandez hauled to court under the PPPA

    Social activist Irene Fernandez was convicted under Sec 8(2) for exposing the maltreatment of illegal migrant workers in detention camps but her sentence was later overturned in 2008.
  • World Press Freedom Day 2004

    Since this day of 2004, Editors have been called repeatedly for the repeal or relaxation of the PPPA, saying that it was increasingly obsolete. Such calls had been rare since the 1987 crackdown.
  • Najib's Merdeka announcement

    On Malaysia Day of his year, Prime Minister Najib announced that the PPPA will be amended to that the annual renewal process will be done away with a permanent permit that is however, still subject to the same strict regulations.