The history of the Music Player

  • Phonograph

    The phonograph was the first way people could record sound and play it back. Edison made invented this machine. He did this by wrapping a piece of tin-foil aroundd the cylinder as a recording surface. He even got invited to the White House to present the phonograph to the President. This effected society because now they can listen to music from their homes instead of always having to go to plays or the theater.
  • Long Playing Record (LP)

    Long Playing Record (LP)
    This device was invented by Columbia records. It consists of a large black disk (the record) and a wooden box with a beam sticking out placed in the center of the record (the record player). This effected society because it can play music for a very long period of time. The LP is a much more efficiant machine than the phonograph. This is because with the LP, one does not have to manually crank it, it plays on its own.
  • Cassette Tapes

    Cassette Tapes
    This device, invented by Phillips, was the first invented music player that is not huge. It is the very first portable way to listen to music. All you have to do is buy a tape with the music you want to listen to, and place it in the cassette. This effected society because now people will be able to go anywhere while listening to their tunes. Also, this will cause many tape stores to pop up because of everyone wanting this device.
  • Compact Disk (CD)

    Compact Disk (CD)
    The compact disk was first introduced in Japan. The very first song ever to come out into the public on a compact disk was "52nd Street" by Billy Joel.. It is basicly a much smaller version of an LP.Instead of placing a CD on a record player, they made a small version of that too called the CD player. This effected society because 3 years later, it came to the USA and it instantly over threw LP's as the top music playing device.
  • Apple iPod

    Apple iPod
    This device was invented by Apple. The iPod rapidly grew in popularity. These iPods were avaliable in many different colors and sizes. This device majorly effected society because after this device was created, there have been 14 different remodelings of it. This basicly means no one is trying to invent a new technology; they are just trying to make the origional iPod better. If no one is trying to make something new, then the iPod is the end of the line.