The History of The Educational Technology

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  • Tha Magic Lantern

    Tha Magic Lantern
    It was mostly developed in the 17th century and commonly used for entertainment purposes. It was increasingly applied to educational purposes during the 19th century.
  • The Chalkboard

    The Chalkboard
    The chalkboard, having been deemed a necessity, was aggressively promoted in these teaching manuals that spread the word of this new standardized approach to education.
  • The Film Projector

    The Film Projector
    By 1925, the film projector was making its way into classroom environments. The projector displayed still images from a film strip accompanied by an audio recording.
  • The Radio

    The Radio
    Some schools used the radio to broadcast lessons to other schools using a specific radio station. The first lesson was sent over the radio by the Board of Education in New York City in 1925.
  • The Overhead Projector

    The Overhead Projector
    During the 1930s, the first overhead projector was introduced to the classroom prior to being widely used by the military during World War II. After its introduction, the overhead projector became widely used in the classroom which provided teachers with a more convenient alternative to the blackboard.
  • The Mimeograph

    The Mimeograph
    In the 1940s, the mimeograph began to be used by teachers to print classroommaterials. Additionally, school office staff used them to print out various documentsused for daily operations within the school.
  • The Slide Rule

    The Slide Rule
    As graphical analog calculators, slide rules are closely related to nomograms, but the former are used for general calculations, whereas the latter are used for application-specific computations.
  • The Educatioanal Television

    The Educatioanal Television
    Educational television began to be used in 1958. Over 50 channels were streamed across the country in classrooms. Teachers used the television as another way of teaching the children.
  • Plato Computer

    Plato Computer
    PLATO, in full Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations, computer-based education system created in 1960 by Donald L. Bitzer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).
  • Interactive Whiteboard

    Interactive Whiteboard
    The interactive whiteboard was originally envisioned by David Martin and Nancy Knowlton in 1987. An interactive whiteboard (IWB), also known as an electronic or digital whiteboard, is a large touch sensitive display screen that connects to a computer and projector.