Computer cartoon

The History of the Computer

  • The Complex Number Calculator (CNC) is completed.

    The Complex Number Calculator (CNC) is completed.
    Bell Telephone Laboratories completed this calculator,This is considered to be the first demonstration of remote access computing.
  • UNIVAC Computer was created

    UNIVAC Computer was created
    This computer was the First commercial computer & able to pick presidential winners.
  • First Computer Game Invented

    First Computer Game Invented
    Steve Russell & MIT were the masterminds behind the first computer game. The game was called, "Sacewar Computer Game."
  • The first computer Mouse

    The first computer Mouse
    Douglas Engelbart was the first person to create the computer mouse. It was nicknamed the "mouse" becasue the cord came out of the tail end.
  • The Floppy Disk was invented

    The Floppy Disk was invented
    Alan Shugart &IBM created the floppy disk and it was Nicknamed the "Floppy" for its flexibility.
  • Word Processors.

    Word Processors.
    Word Processor was created by Seymour Rubenstein & Rob Barnaby
  • Apple Lisa Computer

    Apple Lisa Computer
    The first home computer with a GUI, graphical user interface.
  • Microsoft vrs. Apple

    Microsoft vrs. Apple
    The war over the technology worlds begins between Apple and Microsoft
  • Nintendo

    The nintendo Enterainment System is created and makes it debut.
  • WWW.

    The World Wide Web launched.