The history of New-Zealand

  • 600

    First population

    The first population were fishers and hunters from Polynesia, the Moa-hunters.
  • First europeans

    The dutch navigator Abel Tasman arrived as first european in N-Z
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    Exploration of the west-coast by James Cook
  • Treaty of Waitangi

    United Kingdom colonizate N-Z and come to an agreement with the Maori-chefs. The Treaty of Waitangi.
  • Period: to


    From 1840 and to 1860, there was wars between the Maoris and the British. The British finally overcamed the Maoris. Many of them died.
  • Female voting

    Female voting
    In 1893 women gain the right to vote in national elections. New-Zealand is the first state to autorize it.
  • Period: to

    Labour Party

    Power of the left-leaning Labour Party.
  • South Pacific Commission

    New-Zealand join France, UK, US and Australia in the South Pacific Commission.
  • Period: to

    National Party

    Power of the National Party (behalf two small periods of 3 years)

    N-Z join the ANZUS security treaty. Its purpose to help each other in case of attack.
  • End of ANZUS ?

    Despite the end of the ANZUS treaty, NZ and US kept a bilateral security alliance.
  • Equal MPs percentage

    NZ inaugurated an equal mixed member parliament system.