The history of music videos!

  • First music video recorded!

    Unsure of the precise date, 'The little lost child' was the first music video recorded, it was used as a promotion which led to many other videos being recorded for the same reason! This is debatable as some people disagree that this was actually the first 'music video' recorded.
  • Oskar Fischinger

    Oskar Fischinger
    Oskar Fischinger was an all round abstract artist, he became a big influence on musiv videos and the history of music videos in general!
    He went on to work on with a number of companies and create many memorable pieces of art.
    He worked on Disneys 'Fantasia' in 1939
  • Scopitone invented!

    Scopitone invented!
    A scopitone is a sort of jukebox which used a 16mm film, they had a number of short films which allowed viewers to watch and rewind the films for money. They became popular in bars and clubs, but didn't last too long as technology was becoming more and more advanced.
  • The Beatles got fed up of TOTP

    The Beatles got fed up of TOTP
    The Beatles began creating music videos for each of their songs, this was said to be because of the fact they were fed up of performing on shows such as Top Of The Pops so they could just show their music videos instead!
  • Bo-rap!

    Bohemian rapsody by 'Queen' was known as the first performance based music video which became a sensation and lead on to more and more performance based videos being created.
  • First Music Video shown on MTV!

    'Video killed the radio star' by The Buggles was the first music video ever shown on MTV, a very ironic video to show as it's about TV being the downfall of radio stars.
  • MTV established as central to music business

    MTV established as central to music business
    As MTV began getting more popular as the place to go for music and music videos, in 1984 it was established as central to the music business - essential to the progression of music videos. it even made it own versions of the Oscars!
  • Most expensive videos made!

    3 of the most expensive music videos were created; 'scream - michael and Janet Jackson' 'bedtime story - madonna'.

    In 2005 Youtube was created! It became an instant hit and has been the website to visit if you need to find any sort of videos - especially music videos! It was a huge leap for musiv videos as instead of having to visit certain websites or stores to find music videos we had them right at our fingertips!
  • Itunes Opens!

    Itunes Opens!
    Again itunes was a huge milestone in music video history - it gave the option to buy music videos online and watch it on many different types of media.
  • Lyric videos!

    Music videos with lyrics were beginning to be created - so fans and audiences could sing along therefore making the music video more popular - showing how the music video is still coming along and advancing.
  • Music videos still advancing!

    From the beginning of music videos until now we can see that they have come such a long way in terms of graphics, styles, amount etc... and they are still advancing and probably always will be!