The History of Music

By cc8Mia
  • Period: Jan 1, 600 to

    History of Music

  • May 22, 600

    First Written Music

    First Written Music
    The first written music was by Pope Gregory in the 600s.
  • Jan 1, 700

    The First Instrument Was Invented

    The First Instrument Was Invented
    First of all, music was discoverd, not invented. It goes to far back to actually know who discoverd it (it was found more then 35,000 years ago). So we are starting from the first instrument. It was actually 7,000bc. The first instrument was a flute, (made out of a bone) made in Germany, but discoverd as an instrument in China.
  • Classical Music

    Classical Music
    Classical Music was founded in 1750. Some of the composers were, Beethoven, Mozart, Franz Schubert.
  • Country Music

    In 1910, John Lomax, published 'Coboy Songs and Other Frointer Ballads', then after that a whole phase of Country music started.
  • Music Now

    We could not go over all the music. So we stopped. Now though we have, pop, hip hop, rap, dubstep, country, ect. It's all very good music, but this just showes you the big jump we had from, flutes being made out of bones, to tones of diffrent generas of music.
  • The Future of Music

    In the future there will maybe be a chip inplanted in your brain, that you have installed when your an infant. And everytime your feeling sad, happy, or even just bored, your brain will have a notifaction that will turn on music to go with your mood, and you can have a mini montage!