The History of Instructional Technology

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In History
  • School museums

    School museums
  • Instructional Radio

    Instructional Radio
  • Instructional Films

    Instructional Films
  • Media Research

    Media Research
  • World War II

    World War II
  • Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

    Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
  • Cognitive psychology

    Cognitive psychology
  • Cognitivism

  • Programmed Instruction

    Programmed Instruction
  • Sputnik

  • Television

  • Behavioral Objectives

    Behavioral Objectives
  • Conditions of Learning

    Conditions of Learning
  • Events of Instruction

    Events of Instruction
  • Formative evaluation

    Formative evaluation
  • summative evaluation

    summative evaluation
  • Instructional Television

    Instructional Television
  • Criterion-referenced testing

    Criterion-referenced testing
  • Instructional Design Models

    Instructional Design Models
  • Early Computers (until 1995)

    Early Computers (until 1995)
  • Internet

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday