The History of ICT

  • First Computer Invented

    •There is no easy date to answer to this question because of all the different classifications of computers show that there was no paticular date nor year for the first computer.
    •It was around this year. Charles was believed to be the first
    •Charles Babbage designed the first mechanical computer in 1822 and the Analytical Engine in 1834 it was called the difference engine.
    •The first mechanical computer was invented by a mathematics professor in Cambridge England named Charles Babbage.
  • First Camera

    1840 by a man named Alexander Wolcott.
  • First TV

    Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, a 23-year-old university student in Germany, patented the first electromechanical television system.
  • First radio broadcast

    January 13, 1910, was the first radio transmission
  • BBC Started

    BBC was not always there, it use to be Channel One, (Which my mum worked on) Daily broadcasting by the BBC began in Marconi's London studio, 2LO, in the Strand, on November 14, 1922.
  • First ever news broadcast

    Lowell Thomas hosted the first-ever news broadcast on television in 1930 and the first regularly scheduled television-news broadcast in 1940
  • HP founded

    Palto Alto created HP
  • First 3D movie

    The Soviet Union developed 3D films, with Robinzon Kruzo being its first full-length 3D movie, in 1946.
  • First computer game

    It was in 1962 when a young computer programmer from MIT, Steve Russell fueled with inspiration with his team created the first popular computer game. Starwar was almost the first computer game ever written, however, they were at least two far-lesser known predecessors: OXO (1952) and Tennis for Two (1958).
  • First electronic computer

    By the beginning of 1946 two major purely electronic digital computers had been built, the ENIAC in the U.S.A. and the Colossus in the U.K. Also there were a number of electro-mechanical machines in existence, notably the "Harvard Mark I", built at Harvard University under Howard H. Aiken, completed in 1943.
  • First Satellite Navigation System

    Transit, a system deployed by the US military in the 1960s.
  • First computer mouse

    Doug Engelbart in 1963, created the the computer mouse, it was an instant sucess, But it was increadibly bulky.
  • You've Got Mail

    You've Got Mail introduced
  • First email

    The first email was In 1971, the ARPANET ("Advanced Research Projects Agency Network") had just begun to emerge as the first larger network of computers.They sucessfully created the first email.
  • FIrst Moblile Phone

    3 April 1973 was the first mobile phone created by Motorella
  • Microsoft Founded

    Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 when he was developing a micro computer, called the Altair basic.
  • Apple Founded

    The company was founded on April 1, 1976, and incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977. The word "Computer" was removed from its name on January 9, 2007. It was founded by Steve Jobs and his closest friends
  • Acer Founded

    Acer was founded by Stan Shih with his wife Carolyn Yeh, and a group of five others as Multitech in 1976. Headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.
  • First GPS Satalite

    NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS). The first satellite in the system, Navstar 1, was launched February 22, 1978
  • First Computer virus

    Elk Cloner is one of the first known microcomputer viruses that spread "in the wild,"
  • First digital camera

    In Japan December 1989, first digital camera came, which now helps journalists
  • First online travel agency

    It is not completly known, but an estimate is it was probably established during the late 1990s as the web did not become well known to the general public until 1994
  • First online game

    The original NeverWinter Nights was up and running in 1991.
  • Linux Created

    It was created by general community which was an open platform software for anybody who wanted to make it etc.
  • First Smart TV

    The first patent for a Smart TV system was made in 1994.
  • First online shopping site

    First online shopping site- Amazon
  • First music video

    The first music video was created in 1997
  • Netflix created

    Netflix was founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings
  • First MP3 Player

    The first portable MP3 player was launched in 1997 by Saehan Information Systems
  • Usb Stick

  • Habbo

    Habbo Created
  • First xbox

    November 15, 2001, was the first xbox released
  • Nectar Card First used

  • MSN

    Msn was founded and opened to public in 2002
  • MySpace

  • Facebook Launced

    Mark Zuckerburg from New York created facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular websites that offers social networking today with more than 1 billion users around the world.People can communicate send photos and keep in contact with those far away and close by easily.
  • Gmail

    Google Announces Gmail
  • Windows Live Spaces created

    Windows Live Spaces
  • Lovefilm Created

    2004 – LOVEFiLM was founded by Arts Alliance to create a European online DVD rental business
  • Google Maps Created

    Google maps created.
  • Youtbe founded

    Youtube an online video hit was founded in February 2005
  • Bebo

    Bebo Founded
  • Twitter Founded

    Twitter Founded
  • Tumblr Created

    Tumblr was made.
  • First online news paper

    2010, Caledonian Mercury became Scotland's first online-only newspaper
  • Car tech advances -Shanghai auto show

    Chinese company Chery unveiled its updated @Ant concept car, designed to identify other compatible vehicles to form a "road train" in which the cars automatically follow a lead vehicle, allowing passengers to concentrate on other matters. This is a great advance for technology!
  • Volkswagon future (irobot like car) - Shanghai auto show

    Volkswagen says its hybrid XL1 can achieve 314 miles per gallon (0.9 litres per 100km) and uses cameras instead of wing mirrors. Basically car's will consume alot less fuel!
  • Bugatti Veyron Convertable - Shangai auto show

    Ultra fast cars (allowed on road) reaching 254mph!
  • Google Glass

    Google Glass release date
  • 4K TV's!!!

    4K UHD is a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9) and is one of the two resolutions of ultra high definition television, the other being 8K UHD which is 7680 pixels × 4320 pixels (33.2 megapixels). Both are aimed at consumer televisions. 4K UHD has twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of the 1080p HDTV format, with four times as many pixels overall
  • Ultimate Rocket

    Nasa plan's to launch the best rocket ever created to explore further depths in space.
  • Future smaller tech

    Technology is getting smaller, and processing speed is going to double every two years. Moore's law, claims that every two years technology is going to get smaller and dooble in speed,
  • Neurohacking

    A special thing that scientists have been working on for ages where people can easily read other's minds up to their deepest thing. This could be very wrong. Because your thoughts are personal and if someone was to be able to see them it wouldn't be the nicest thing ever.
  • Communication between two different Languages

    In the future on may easily be able to communicate with someone speaking a completly different language.
  • Teleportation

    Fututre possible ideas