Hip hop

The history of hip hop

  • The begining

    The begining
    Hip hop was influenced by disco music and the music was originally played by dj's at block parties in new york city
  • new school hip hop

    new school hip hop
    The new school was initially characterized in form by drum machine-led minimalism, with influences from rock music. It was notable for taunts and boasts about rapping, and socio-political commentary, both delivered in an aggressive, self-assertive style
  • 1990 hip hop Gansta rap

    1990 hip hop Gansta rap
    Hip hop became the best selling music genre by the mid 1990s
  • 2000's hip hop

    2000's hip hop
    The popularity of hip hop music continued through the 2000s.Hip hop influences also found their way increasingly into mainstream pop during this period mainly the mid 2000s, as the Los Angeles style of the 1990s lost power.
  • today's hip hop

    today's hip hop
    Today hip hop has been a powerful source of influence. Motivational music has been essential to mental health, in a good or bad way.Music is an art that has open doors of opportunity for many people. Although, hip hop has carried a lot of negativity, it has a been a big impact to people's lives.