The history of ferrets

  • Sep 23, 600

    more ferrets

    more ferrets
    Seville starts allowing people to hunt using ferrets. Also ferrets start to become popular pets all over Briton.
  • Jul 20, 1200

    german ferrets

    german ferrets
    Germany allows ferrets into their country.
  • May 18, 1221

    genghis ferret

    genghis ferret
    Genghis khan gets a ferret while he's in Afganistan
  • Feb 11, 1223

    The ferrets court

    The ferrets court
    A ferreter becomes part of the royal court.
  • Feb 11, 1281

    The ferret lawyer

    The ferret lawyer
    A ferreter is once again a member of the royal court.
  • Aug 27, 1390

    Oh no it's sunday

    Oh no it's sunday
    In Great Briton the king bans hunting with ferrets on sunday.
  • The rodent threat

    The rodent threat
    Ferrets start being put on ships to kill rodents.
  • Period: to


  • The ferrets of today

    The ferrets of today
    Over the years ferrets have evolved and changed and now today they are one of the most popular pets.
  • hunting with ferrets

    hunting with ferrets
    people start use albino ferrets for hunting because they are easy to see in tall grass.
  • after the famine

    after the famine
    Ferrets killed the rabbits that were causing the famine in England
    and thus saved England.